What is Frameworks?

Recently Wizkids released a new line of miniatures for use with Dungeons and Dragons, unlike anything they have previously had on the market. Most in the hobby are familiar with both Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures and Pathfinder: Deep Cuts line of unpainted minis.  They have produced literally hundreds of figures over more than a dozen waves, providing pre-primed high-quality figures from the smallest kobold to the massive dragon god Tiamat!  And while you can paint them in any way your heart desires the ability to create unique poses, have different weapons, or spell effects was not possible without some serious talent in kitbashing and modeling.

Now, however, the first wave of Frameworks figures offers you the ability to create a figure that is truly customized to the look you want for your hero or villain! Frameworks miniatures are made of hard plastic and come on a sprue with various options for you to tailor the look to your needs.

To get a better look at this new line I took a stab at making the Ogre.

Inside the box, there are two sprues with various weapon options.  In addition, there was a useful instruction sheet showing the various options that can be used. Using a pair of nippers I clipped out the options I chose, did a small amount of filling (optional), and glued everything together using plastic glue. Everything fit together snugly and I was impressed with the details even before I started painting. I went with the ball and chain in one hand and the spiked knuckles in the other, also using the bearskin around his shoulders, cause it was just too cool to not use. After quickly priming with Army Painter White Primer I set about painting!

I recently bought The Army Painter Speedpaint Mega set, with all the great texture on this figure I thought it would be a great chance to try them out. The figure was painted using only Speed Paints except for the metallics. They are from the standard Army Painter range mixed with a bit of the Speed Paint Medium. I was really impressed with how quickly and easily the Speed Paints can create shadows, and highlights, and make every detail pop! After only two coats in most places, I was really happy with the outcome.

We have the full selection of Frameworks figures available in-store and online now!

Chris Duffield

Chris is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon and can be found in the shop most days. He has been playing various RPGs, board games, and reading comics for more than twenty years. His biggest fandom of choice is Star Wars. When not doing the above he is usually working on 3D printed props and Cosplay projects.

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