Unboxing Bolt Action Island Assault Starter Set

Bolt Action is an award winning World War II historical miniatures game by Warlord Games. We started carrying the product late last year and it has been one of our fastest growing communities. Our growing group gets together on Thursday nights to learn to play, assemble / paint models, and play matches.

Bolt Action allows players to build armies from the United States, United Kingdom/Canada, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, Italy and more to recreate the burtal battles of World War II. Before you jump into the action you’ll need to assemble and paint your figures and vehicles as they come as bare plastic, metal, and/or resin. The detailed multi-part kits give you the versitility to build an army that is as unique as the strategies you plan to deploy!

For a better idea of what comes in one of the 2 player starters sets check out this unboxing video that Kyle did using the Island Assalt Starter Box featuring troops from the United States and Japan. If you want to learn more about Bolt Action reach out to us or join us on Thursday nights for a demo!

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Chris Duffield

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