About us

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

Heroes’ Beacon started as a dream for Steve and Chris years ago while they were still working along at their current jobs.

Both having spent over 20 years combined working in retail and comics- it was there their entrepreneurial spirit was discovered and began to grow. They decided to take a huge leap of faith and sent out a signal to their loyal customer base and gaming community,  kicking off an Indiegogo campaign that would surpass their expectations.

Hitting their goal in record time was evidence enough that the community was ready to embrace their vision and on October 2nd, 2013 Heroes’ Beacon opened their doors and a dream became a reality.

This dream was realized thanks to the outpouring of support from the Comic and Gaming community as well as friends and family.

Today, you can stop in and see how their vision has come to life and continues to grow. They open their doors every day with the awareness that fostering a community and a place where new hobbies can be discovered and old hobbies can be enjoyed is a key to their success.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our contributors who helped make Heroes’ Beacon a reality.


Jan Leedy
Laura Marles
Scott Marshall
Whitney Manuel

Side Kick

Erin Grondin
Francesco Marcelli
Ivan McCullough
Leanne White
Marc Houle
Nick Boles


Beverley Scott
Brendan Corscaden
Douglas Kelly
Eric Paquet
Geoffrey J Butler
John Cheraz
Josh Darrell
Josh Levy
Josh L’hullier
Kale Harding &Candace Wilson
Lindsay White
Owen Hetherington
Paul Beale
Peter MacDonald
Shane Roussie
Steven Robar
Sylvio Comeau
Todd Stanton
Tom MacDonald
Valerie Hernandez


Andrew Martin
Barry Kincade
Brian Cleveland
Chris Brillant
Chris & Anita Fougere
Chris Rupert
Dana Betts
Indrani Mahadeo
James Miller
Jean-François Léger
Jonathan Ryan
Michael Berthiaume
Nancy Wood
Natalie of Scholten
Scott Brownlee
Scott Flower
Steve Duke
Terrence McCallum

Advanced Scout

Andrew Kelly

Super Hero

Bill Sherman
Chris Wilson
David Glassford
David Maheux
Frank Duguay
Greg Grondin
Hilary Wilson
House of Dark Tidings
Hugh Montgomerie
Jessica MacLeod
John Blatchford
Jordan Stewart
Patrick Whitaker
Raymond Saulnier
Rendell Smith & Kathy McCutcheon
Richard Chilton
Rick Hawkes
Troy Hebert


Andrew Kelly
BLee Williams
Christian LeBlanc
Donna Nutter
Ian Babineau
Jeff Hillier
June M. Madeley
K. David Woolley
Lynsey Welling & Mike Beals
Michael Inness
Rob Watters & Tina Collins
Ron MacRae
Scott Walsh
Tony Maillet
Trevor Graham
Tyler MacLeod
Walker & Stacey-Lynne Clark

Dungeon Crawler

Rick Doucette

Eternal Hero

Debbie Fitzpatrick
Ken &Alicia Robichaud
Matthew Stroud


Geb Bernard
Impossible Realities
Josh & Jessica Lapointe

As well we thank everyone who aided us during the online auctions, raffles, and other events.