Legacy Games

What is a legacy game? This is a subgenre of board games. These can be worker placement, like Charterstone, cooperative like Pandemic Legacy, deck building like Clank: Acquisitions Incorporated and hidden traitor like Betrayal Legacy. These are however more than your average board game, they are an experience.

With these game experiences, the game grows and changes with you as you play multiple times. These changes come in the form of adding new pieces to the game, removing pieces, altering the board or the rules among other things. This makes each group able to have a unique experience. 

My first experience with a legacy game was Charterstone. The game itself was pretty good, as a fairly decent worker placement game. It was the experience of building the game that made it great. Each time we played, we always looked forward to how the board would change, what new worker pieces would be added and what new rules would be added.

More recently we have been playing Betrayal Legacy. Now this one takes one of my all time favourite games, Betrayal at House on the Hill and makes it even better. In this version each player controls a family and build a story as a group of ancestors continues returning to the ever changing haunted house. Discover items that become family heirlooms, rooms come and go as the house is rebuilt through the centuries and parts of the house become more haunted than others.

If you have been considering trying a legacy game, but have been hesitant for whatever reason, I highly recommend thinking of your favourite genre of board game and giving one of these a try. I’m looking forward to trying Pandemic Legacy or Clank Legacy when we finish Betrayal.  Feel free to share your own legacy experiences with us or let us help you discover your first legacy.

Steve Henderson

Steve is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon. He has been reading comics and playing Dungeons & Dragons since the late 1980s. Over time, these hobbies brought him into playing Magic the Gathering, board games and more role playing games. In 2013, Steve and the rest of the crew teamed up to bring Heroes' Beacon to Saint John, to share these and many more hobbies.

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