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Pixie Trix Comix Volume 1


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Estimate release date: November 2020

We are big fans of Gisèle and David and their previous work on Ménage à 3, Exorsisters, and many other titles. Don’t miss out on these three great titles!

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Pixie Trix Comix: Volume 1

Comic book shops are finding it harder and harder to survive these days, so many have had to diversify their offerings. Jung and Ramona took it a little further with their store and branched out into publishing. Aaron, a current store employee, wants to write superheroes for this new venture. Ramona prefers yaoi. And Zadie, the newly hired editor, is distracted by hot comic artist Felix and Adonis-built graphic designer Julian. But are these two catching on to her advances, or are they ALSO distracted by someone else in the office? And things get more complicated when Zadie & Aaron join a gym. Is it now cute Zadie’s turn to distract her trainer, Roxie?

BOOK EXCLUSIVE BONUS STORY: Tragedy strikes! Zadie pulls a muscle at the gym and Roxie is torn between her duty to train and her desire to give a tender rubdown to the object of her desires. Aaron needs a replacement trainer, quick! And the only one available is a certain blonde Amazonian francophone, who’s all too ready to tag in to give Aaron the personal workout of his dreams. Hope you survive the experience, Aaron!

Written by Gisèle Lagacé and David Lumsdon, with art by Gisèle, the first volume (Rated Teen)

Zii and the Troublemakers

Zii and the Troublemakers hit the road in a cross-country tour that takes the rock group out West. During their stop in Vancouver, Terry happily reunites with a sibling, Angel’s frustrations about no longer fronting the band come to a head, and Zii and Erik are just plain sexually frustrated. From rock shows to drag shows, and a comic-con in between, join the band and their groupies, including Gary and Yuki, as they navigate the city’s nightlife, as well as its colorful inhabitants. As tensions rise, will the band be able to keep it together until the tour’s end, or have the Troublemakers played their final show? Find out in this special 56-page full-color prestige one-shot which picks up where Ma3 left off. Plot by Scott Duvall and Gisèle Lagacé, script by Scott Duvall, art by Gisèle Lagacé, colors by Anwar Hanano, letters by Taylor Esposito, and edited by T Campbell.

This special (new-reader-friendly) prestige one-shot (Rated Teen+)

Eerie Cuties: Sisters

Eerie Cuties returns in this new-reader-friendly one-shot featuring three brand new stories starring Layla and Nina! Addictive gaming, family reunions, and dating are just a few of the things that bond these sisters, as well as drive each other crazy about the other! Join us as we dig a little deeper into the unique relationship between the Delacroix sisters in Eerie Cuties: Sisters.

For the uninitiated, Eerie Cuties a comedy/horror series that ran from 2009 from 2015 and is comprised of 5 books (all available in this Kickstarter). It follows various monsters (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc) in high school. Although the series is complete, we enjoy revisiting this world by telling short stories, and this is exactly what this one-shot is. It’s new-reader-friendly, so a great way to discover this series. This full-color one-shot comic book is written by Scott Duvall, drawn by Gisèle Lagacé, colored by Nick Caponi, and lettered by Taylor Esposito.

This full-color one-shot (Rated Teen)

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