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Catan: Traders & Barbarians


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Traders & Barbarians – New in this edition. – You get new hexes, one for the castle, one to produce glass, and one to produce marble. You try to rebuild Catan after the invasion. You get gold and victory points if you finish tasks in the castle, but to do so you have to travel back and forth to the castle on roads and undeveloped paths. There are still some barbarians around who interfere with trade routes.
It also includes 4 minor variants:
2-Player Rules – Use the new “Commercial Chips” to force a trade with your opponent. Use 3rd and 4th neutral player to block your opponent. Also available online: Klaus2player.pdf
Catan Event Cards – Originally released in the Atlantis scenario box, then subsequently released for sale separately. Replaces the dice with a deck of cards to minimize randomness.
The Harbormaster Card – Originally released in the Atlantis scenario box, then subsequently available online: harbormaster.pdf. Gives two victory points to the player with the most harbor points.
Friendly Robber Rules
This game belongs to the Catan Series.

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