Year One

One year. Can you believe it? I’m having trouble believing it. Opening Heroes’ Beacon is one of those life events that feels so natural that time doesn’t flow right, so it feels like it’s been longer and like it just happened yesterday. There was a lot of chaos leading up to our opening and a lot of memories that just sort of jumbled together. And before that we spent so much time building up to that opening day sometimes I thought it might not actually happen.


And then it did! Just like that. In the blink of an eye.


We have had some crazy experiences as store owners (most good and some not as good) and we are grateful for every single one of them. We have met some fantastic people, made some awesome new friends, played tons of new games, read some new comics. It really has been a whirlwind and it’s exactly what we wanted. Maybe better.


Some of our milestones:




This was a relatively new phenomenon when we jumped on the wagon. Crowdfunding seemed like it was in the baby stages of popularity and now all the things are on the various crowdfunding sites. It’s a great way to fund any project (some guy managed to raise way too much money for potato salad… remember that?). But it is work. And some parts of it were stressful. It’s a big deal to ask for help from friends and family, and it’s an even bigger (and harder) deal to ask for money from them (and complete strangers).


So, once again, a year later, thank you for believing in our dream.


Becoming an Advanced Store


What is an Advanced Store? It really means we have access to some cool stuff before other stores might. That’s the long and the short of it.


This technically happened before we were even open under Heroes’ Beacon. We host a lot of Magic: The Gathering events. It brings a lot of people out, both new and veteran players and it’s a ton of fun. So, our goal in becoming an advanced store gave us access to more product offers from our distributor. We hosted one single Magic event with 30+ people. While there were still book racks in the store, while there was still no room at the back of the store to play. We crammed everyone into the front half of the store and played into the night. (Next up, Advanced Plus! Means we need 50+ at one event!)


Impossible Realities


As individuals, we were no strangers to IR. We had gamed at their events for years and always enjoyed ourselves (and Steve is one of the organizers), but as a new business we had never set up as a vendor anywhere. What better place to try it for the first time? I would say it was a success! It opened us up to attending East Coast Comic Convention because we had such a positive experience with our local con.


Canadian Winter


We survived our first Canadian winter. Yes, we are all born and bred Canadian, and we were warned that winters can be lean. And this winter we had a storm pretty much every Wednesday. You know what we learned? That a storm cannot keep people away from comics and games!



I know the list is longer than that- but maybe we’ll have a part two out this year (stay tuned!). We had a pretty solid plan coming into this, and this past year has been beyond words. It’s said that the best thing you can do is marry your best friend. I think going into business together is the next best thing. And it was brilliant.


Many thanks go out to our Indiegogo supporters, our friends and family. Mostly to everyone who comes in to shop with us, game with us and help make us better. We could not have gotten this far without you and we look forward to going much farther with you.

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