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As most of you may have noticed it is August and we have not made the big switch over yet. We get asked all the time when it is going to happen so I thought I’d talk a bit about it here.

The process of starting a new business is one which we have never experienced before, so there have been a few things that are taking longer than we expected. Couple that with a number of people we needed to talk to being on vacation for a few weeks and our target of August ended up being a no go.

Don’t worry, Heroes’ Beacon is still happening! We are working towards September. A grand over night switch is probably not going to happen. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and to minimize our time down things will probably get done in sections. New paint, followed by new floors (and washroom), and lastly new display racks, and seating. We’ve been discussing how to do the 0-day party to give those that contributed at that level the best experience possible. And while we have ideas we would also be interested in hearing what you’d like out of it. (e-mail us at heroes@heroesbeacon.com). We feel we are at the stage that once these last few conversations are had things will move swiftly.

Points! The current point system will not be carrying over to Heroes’ Beacon, so please if you have points on your account make sure you use them up before we switch. When we have an exact date we will let everyone know, but if there is something you’ve been eyeballing use your points on it now. Heroes’ Beacon will have a new system of Hero Points that will work similar to the existing point system. Some details were released during our Indiegogo campaign. Full details will be coming towards the end of the month.

Physical Perks! Dice are in production! A sample was can be seen at the bottom of this post. Tote bags are expect to ship on the 13th! We expect a week or more for shipping as they are coming from the US.

T-shirts… well they were done but had an error. That is getting fixed and we should have those in our hands in the next two weeks. So by the end of August we should have everything in the shop.

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