What’s Happening This Week January 8-14

Here is what is happening at Heroes’ Beacon for the week of January 8-14

Please note Saturday hours have changed for the winter beginning last Saturday January 6th, we will be open 10am-6pm.

Monday January 8th

Open Gaming

Tuesday January 9th

X-Wing Miniatures Casual Game Night

New and Experienced Players Welcome!

Wednesday January 10th

Magic Commander League 6pm-9pm

Bring your deck and play some commander.

D&D Encounters 6pm-9pm

D&D Encounters runs every Wednesday following the adventures outlined by Wizards of the Coast for organized play using the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Thursday January 11th

Open Gaming and Paint Night


Friday January 12th

Friday Night Magic

This week’s format for FNM is Standard 6pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday January 13th-14th

MTG Rivals Of Ixalan Pre-Release Weekend!!

Sealed Pre-Release Events begining at 12:00AM January 13th

Rivals of Ixalan is the next Magic the Gathering set. This prerelease weekend we have 4 events to choose from:

Cost is $35 per event or $125 for all 4 events

January 13 – 12:01 AM – Competitive style
January 13- 10:00 AM – Casual style
January 13 – 3:00 PM – Competitive style
January 14 – 12:00 PM – Two Headed Giant Casual Style



Jenn Duke