Ultimate Pi Day is almost upon us!

This Saturday, March 14, is Pi Day! And! It’s even Ultimate Pi Day! If you watch Nerdy Nummies Pi Day video, she talks about what makes it ultimate. And the pie is pretty awesome too!

If you’re not into watching her make yummy, delicious pie, Ultimate Pi Day happens once every hundred years and it is when the most numbers of Pi line up with the date. So, this year, Pi Day is March(3) 14, 2015 at 9:26:53AM. 3.141592653. Win! And it’s fun.

Anyway, we’re not so much about the math, well, Steve likes math… but we are all about pie. So, this Saturday from 9AM until we run out (recommending you come in early), we will have pie in the store*! We are requesting a minimum donation of $2 per slice in support of A New Kidney, For Pete’s Sake!


Come to the Nerd Side- We Have Pi







*Just setting the expectation that our pies will be awesome good, but maybe not as pretty as the one in the video.


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