This Week at Heroes’ Beacon September 17th-23rd

Super Sale Tuesday is back for the month of September!

Open Gaming Everyday from Open until Close, a Great Way to Spend Some Time Without Paying Table Fees!!

Bring your own or use a demo from our shelf. There is a large selection of games to choose from. We also do not charge table or rental fees! No need to limit your fun to board games, bring some friends to play any of your miniature games, Trading Card Games etc. Space may be limited due to below events.

Monday September 17th

MTG Modern Monday 6pm

Modern Mondays are Back!!

Events start at 6:00PM every Monday.

Format –Modern

Cost – $5

Prizes as gift cards based on attendance. 

Tuesday September 18th

Super Sale Tuesdays are back for September!!

Tax Free Board Games!

Star Wars Miniature Game Night 6PM-9PM

Come play any of the Star Wars miniature games by Fantasy Flight Games.
Each week players can come together to learn to play, try new tactics and meet other players for the various games.
We are always looking for new players and are happy to teach new players, no miniatures required!

Wednesday September 19th

Magic Commander League 6pm-9pm

Bring your deck and play some commander.

D&D Encounters 6pm-9pm

D&D Encounters runs every Wednesday following the adventures outlined by Wizards of the Coast for organized play using the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Thursday September 20th

Star Wars Destiny 6pm-9pm

Come learn how to play Star Wars Destiny! A collectible deckbuilding and dice game. Destiny is fast pace and easy to learn game that allows you to team up your favorite characters from across all eras of Star Wars.

Jedi Masters will be on hand with all the tools to teach the game!

Friday September 21st

Friday Night Magic

This week’s format for FNM is Pauper

Saturday September 22nd

Pokemon Tournament 11am-2pm

Bring your tournament legal deck and join us for our Monthly Pokemon tournament.

Depending on attendance there will be 3 – 4 rounds where players will square off against other player.  Players are divided into 3 groups according to age to ensure pairings are fair.

Cost is $5 with all proceeds going into the prize pool that is typically booster packs, tokens, dice, promo cards and more.  Not sure you are good enough to win a prize?  No worry we do random prizes too just for attending!

Sunday September 23rd

MTG Open House at 12pm

We’ll be hosting open MTG gaming, this is your chance to bring magic cards of any format. it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a commander deck, duel deck, theme deck, or just your own kitchen table deck we are going to try and get everyone playing magic! 

Some of our staff will be on hand with a smattering of their own deck building creations from a variety of formats. Specifically, we’ll have starter decks, brawl decks, pauper decks, commander decks, and of course some janky kitchen table brews all ready for battle.

Jenn Duke