This Week at Heroes’ Beacon (Oct 15-21)

Sunday October 15
League of Extraordinary Planeswalkers






Monday Oct 16
Modern Monday
Bring your modern decks and play a swiss tournament. Entry fees go towards prizes.




Tuesday October 17
X-Wing Miniatures Casual Game Night
Learning or an experienced player come out and play a round or two? New players welcome you don’t need to own the game to learn to play.







Wednesday October 18
D&D Encounters
D&D Encounters runs every Wednesday following the adventures outlined by Wizards of the Coast for organized play using the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.
Join in the epic adventures with our growing group of heroes!






Magic: Commander
Bring your commander decks and join us for some Commander!






Thursday October 19
Painting Night
Bring your minis and paint with us or learn to paint!

Friday October 20
Officially sanctioned Friday Night Magic. Come on out and try your hand.
Entry fees go towards prize support in addition to the foil promo cards.






Saturday October 21
Pokemon Prerelease– Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion
Players will construct a deck from the sealed pack and play a 3 round tournament. At the end each player will receive 3 packs as prizes.
To manage space and expectations we are highly encouraging people to prepay for thier spot. This will guarantee you a spot at the event. Prepaid spots are limited to the 1st 36 people. Anyone who prepays will get 4 booster packs as prizes instead of the usual 3.
There will be seating beyond the first 36, but will be on a first come first serve basis the day of the event.






For full details, see our Calendar of Events

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