The Journey begins

Well as many of you will have noticed on Facebook and Twitter we are starting to get Heroes’ Beacon off the ground.  Now if you are still wondering “What is Heroes’ Beacon?”  Let me elaborate.  Steve Henderson and I (Chris Duffield) have worked at Read’s / Mad City Comics for a lot of years (25+ between the two of us).  We’ve always loved the gaming and comic side of the store but it has never been the focus on the store.  Over the last year we started seriously looking at opening our own shop so we could focus on that side of the business and those customers.  The more we looked into it the more things fell into place.  People encouraged us, the current owners of Read’s were interested in selling us Mad City Comics, Enterprise Saint John has been very helpful, and the stars just seemed to align.  So here we are finally making our dream public because as close as we are to making this happen we still need some help.  Opening a business isn’t a cheap thing to do.  And with the current economy banks are not quick to give loans.  But we have a very solid business plan and best of all it is based off the numbers of the established sales of Mad City Comics.  So we know this will work and grow.  Being able to run events, tournaments, signing, and a variety of other things we will give the community a friendly and open place to partake in all their hobbies can only make this new store better!

So keep an eye open in the next couple of days for our Indiegogo campaign where you will be able to help us ensure this dreams come true (and get some pretty cool stuff in return) and ensures that you have a bigger place to enjoy your hobbies and we can provide better quality of service.


Heroes' Beacon
Heroes’ Beacon is Saint John’s one stop shop for all your Comic and Gaming needs!

We offer pull lists for comic subscribers and play space for open gaming!


  • Chris & Steve, I would be delighted to help in any way that I can, if you need custom artwork, design, whatever. Let me know. Looking forward to a quality comic shop uptown.

    • admin

      Thanks Scott. We are really interested in getting more local comics in the store on consignment on a regular basis. We’d also love to get some local comic art up on the walls when we open!

  • Patrick

    Dudes I cannot wait to help and then of course spend some money! All ready thinking of promoting to my class next fall, need some posters made up!

  • jim hachey

    i too would like to offer my help in any way possible,and of course my continued business,i have also ventured into the world of business with the self publishing and encourage you to press onward guys and am very excited about this new direction for you! of course we plan on having a signing book day planned in support for you guys!

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