The Art of the Roll

With the recent release of Pathfinder second edition, we continue to see the resurgeant growth of role-playing games. Shadowrun sixth edition is due in September as well and looks like another great update.  Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition continues to be our strongest RPG.

These great games got me thinking about our shared obsession with dice. Do we love them for the colours and patterns? Yes! Do we believe some are lucky? Obviously. Are some cursed? It would seem so. Sometimes players like to have very specific matching sets, while others just want a big pile in front of them for the options, and yet others have just enough to cover the needs of the character they are playing.

Every die needs a bag to call home. What style fits your personality best? Do you love the shiny, heavy metal dice? The swirly patterned dice? The glittery styles? Crisp and almost patternless? Or do you need a wide variety to satisfy your different moods?

I bet we all have crazy dice stories from games past. I remember being at a game when we had a pet rat in the house and one player says to the rat who was licking his dice: “Yeah, my ex-girlfriend used that one, wash the bad lady away.” Other times we have been caught posting to social media “dice-shaming” pictures, threatening our dice, throwing them across the room and putting them in the penalty box.

Whether you are dropping a bucket of  6 siders for Shadowrun, doubling down on the D20s for your advantage in D&D or whatever variety of dice for your favorite system, let the dice fall where they may. Roll for initiative and share your crazy, funny or insightful dice stories with us.

Steve Henderson
Steve has been selling comics and games for over 20 years and is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon.