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Board Game Spotlight (Mar 28th)

Lost in R’lyeh Release Date: June 2016 Publisher: Atlas Games Price: $20.99 Ages: 13+ Players: 2-6 Playing Time: 45 Minutes Mechanic: R’lyeh is a terrible and ancient city, risen from the depths of the Pacific by a great curse. There, Cthulhu lies both dead and dreaming, waiting to consume any who venture near. In Lost […]

Board Game Spotlight (Jan 8th)

Munchkin Marvel Publisher: Steve Jackson Games / USAopoly Price: $34.99 Ages: 13+ Players: 3 – 6 Playing Time: 60 minutes Mechanic: Card Drafting, Hand Management Munchkin Marvel fuses the classic card game fun of monster-slaying and role-playing with the most iconic characters from the Marvel universe. Created under license from Steve Jackson Games and in […]

X-Wing Miniatures Winter Tournament

January 31st – Noon Join us for our Winter Tournament! Players will make 100 point lists (please bring a copy with you) and partake in a Swiss paring tournament. Admission: $10, which will go towards prize support. Lists must abide by the official tournament rules, no proxies will be accepted.

Board Game Spotlight December 10th

    A Study in Emerald (2nd Edition) Publisher: Tree Frog Games Price: $72.99 Ages: 13+ Players: 2 – 5 Playing Time: 60 minutes Mechanic: Area Control, Auction / Bidding, Card Drafting, Hand Management It is 1882, and the Old Ones are already here. They arrived seven hundred years ago and have been ruling the […]

Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 Red Box Review

Pandemic: Legacy Season 1, Red Box Z-Man Games Plays 2-4 Takes about an hour Highly Recommended/5 stars/Just Get It This past weekend was our 24 Hours of Gaming event for the IWK! If you missed it, the highlights were 12 people playing Telestrations using Cards Against Humanity cards for the word choices. Yes, it is […]

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game

Lord of the Rings (Living Card Game) Fantasy Flight Games 1 – 2 players (3 – 4 players with 2 core boxes) Ages 13+ 60 Minutes   Lord of the Rings Living Card Game (LCG) is a cooperative game in which players work together to complete scenarios using 3 Heroes and a deck of 50 […]

Telestrations – The Telephone Game Meets Pictionary

Telestrations USAOpoly 4-8 Players (Original) // 4-12 (Party Pack) Ages 12+ 15-30 Minutes Highly Recommended Telestrations has become the new go-to party game at our gatherings.  A hilarious game for 2-8 players that plays better the less skilled you are. Most of us remember playing The Telephone Game as kids.  You’d whisper a message in […]

Star Wars Miniatures Review

X-Wing Miniatures Fantasy Flight Games 2 Players Ages 14+ 20+ minutes Highly Recommended I didn’t think it was possible for a table top game to do such a wonderful job capturing the feel of a Star wars dog fight in space!  Featuring detailed miniatures, the X-Wing Miniatures game does an amazing job of giving players […]

All The Games! (Demos and Board Game Night)

Once a month, Heroes’ Beacon holds a board game night with admission, a prize (a gift card) and with the proceeds going towards expanding our board game library.  It’s a great chance to try some new games and meet some new people — but just because Board Game Night is only once a month doesn’t […]

Heroes Unite Deckbuilding Game Review

Heroes Unite DC Deckbuilding by Cryptozoic Heroes Unite is the second DC Comics Deckbuilding game by Cryptozoic. It can be played as a standalone game or mixed with the original. Cryptozoic has a variety of titles in their line of deckbuilding games (from the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit series, DC Comics and Street Fighter) that […]

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