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Let’s talk about the kids…

I watched an interview recently with a young lady who talked candidly about her experience in human trafficking. It was heartbreaking. I have my own (not so baby) baby at home. I hold him tighter when I go out after watching these interviews and documentaries. I talk about this right now because Kevin Smith was […]

IWK Extra Life. Play Games. Heal Kids.

November 7th we will host our 3rd annual 24 hours of gaming in support of the IWK Extra Life fundraiser. Starting at 9am and ending 9am the next morning we invite everyone to come play board games, card games, and dice games to raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax. We will have […]

Ultimate Pi Day is almost upon us!

Come to the Nerd Side- We Have Pi

This Saturday, March 14, is Pi Day! And! It’s even Ultimate Pi Day! If you watch Nerdy Nummies Pi Day video, she talks about what makes it ultimate. And the pie is pretty awesome too! If you’re not into watching her make yummy, delicious pie, Ultimate Pi Day happens once every hundred years and it […]

A Kidney, for Pete’s Sake Fundraising.

Since Heroes’ Beacon opened we have been involved with fundraising for good causes like the IWK with their Extra Life program.  We firmly believe in giving back to the community that gave to us and made our shop possible. With Extra Life done for another year we are going to focus on fundraising for something […]

IWK Extra Life – Play Games, Heal Kids

A few months ago, Heroes’ Beacon participated in the IWK Extra Life 24 Hour Gaming Marathon to raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital. The next 25 Hour Gaming Event is set for October 25th 2014, but we’re not going to wait that long to start fundraising.  In fact, Heroes’ Beacon will continue to support […]

IWK Extra Life!

Need an extra life? We are now selling 1 ups! Each cost $1 and will be displayed in store until November 2nd when we have our 25 Hour Gaming Event! All proceeds are going to support the IWK Extra Life fundraiser. If you want to join us for the event check it out on Facebook. […]

Perks for Pick up!

The D6, T-shirt, and Tote bag perks are all in now!  People can begin picking them up at Impossible Realities this weekend at our vendor table on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  After that they will be available in store starting Sunday.  Extras will be for sale at Impossible Realities and then in store after […]

Indiegogo Perks

Just want to give a quick update on the Indiegogo Perks. T-shirt design is with the printers and awaiting final approval. Dice design is with Chessex, they are making some minor changes to our text to ensure it is readable. We should have a sample next week. Tote bags are being ordered today! If all […]

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