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Cosplay Masquerade and You

So, I recently revisited some old cosplay posts– updating the image and text a bit, and maybe you guys are tired of hearing me talk about cosplay and Sailor Moon– but maybe not. I wanted to talk about Cosplay because Fundy Fan Fest is coming up and we are hosting a Cosplay Masquerade! I think […]

Cosplay Curious: Pokemon Trainers in Training

If you’ve been following along (or if you haven’t- welcome aboard!) I got Cosplay Curious after attending Fan Expo in 2014. I have completed exactly zero cosplays- til now. But I follow more than a few cosplayers and adore the work that people do. Really mind blowing stuff. What is a Pokemon Trainer? From the Pokemon […]

Top 5 Cosplayers I follow

In 2014 I got the cosplay bug… I even almost finished one! Turns out I made the dress front backwards, which was minor really and I never got the wig or shoes finished, but it was pretty fun nevertheless. I’d like to finish that one, but I’d pretty much have to start from scratch now. […]

Happy Birthday, Sailor Moon!

March 7th, 2017 marked 25 years since Sailor Moon first aired in Japan. I’m a “born again” Moonie, meaning I adore Sailor Moon and I have for about 20 years (that just made me feel ancient), however, I did go through a phase where I thought I was “too old” for it. It’s a shame […]

Halloween Comic Fest

Halloween Comicfest is coming up and actually falls on Halloween this year!  October 31st starting at 9am we will have limited quantities of Free Comics to give away!  The comics are great for all ages and have a spooky Halloween theme! Don’t miss out on the adventures of fan favorite characters like Batman, Doctor Strange, […]

Cosplay Curious: Planning a Cosplay

Updates on my end Not gonna lie- I’m excited to do this! I have bought all the fabric I need for Jem (unless I decide I feel the need to make her tights rather than buy them- but if I can buy them I absolutely will!). I also need to get earrings and probably some […]

East Coast Comic Expo 2015

Gotham City Sirens Commission

I’m late in adding this post, but I hope you’ll bear with me. This was my second year attending ECCE and our second time going as a store. I won’t lie- I was pretty excited leading up to the weekend. There was so much great artwork and other pieces last year, as well as sweet […]

Cosplay Curious: Wig Wear and Care

Wig Wear and Care We were a small, but mighty few this week, but I know I learned a lot just the same. This month we were focusing on wigs, how to wear them, style them, and care for them. Now, full disclosure, I’ve worn wigs. I have never styled them beyond a brush through or […]

Cosplay Curious: Building Armor

I missed this week’s get together. Steve brought home a fantastic illness tht left me at home with a headache and a scratchy throat, whining that I was going to miss Cosplay Night and all the great tips and discussion on building armor. Thankfully, I was provided with some great notes and pictures from Tina […]

Cosplay Curious: Pattern Reading

This week, Hilary walked us through the basics of reading a pattern and a bit about combining patterns. I can tell you from experience that Hilary has made some mind-blowing costumes, including my wedding dress, so I trust her expertise in this wholeheartedly. Onto the details… this is sort of a broad overview- we didn’t […]

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