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Steve Henderson


Chris Duffield

Chris has been reading comics and playing games since he was 10.  His first RPG was Robotech and he grew up reading Amazing Spider-Man and the Punisher.  He has worked along side Steve in the comic and gaming industry for 12 years.

Specialties: Role Playing Games, Miniature Games, and Comics.

Matt Stroud


Gregory Grondin

Always an avid gamer and a huge fan of The Transformers.  Greg enjoys almost any table top game, loves Magic the Gathering and loosely follows most comics that feature the Bat-family.   He’s also currently subscribed Marvel’s Loki and Rocket Raccoon titles and anxiously awaiting the day when the second Rat Queens trade paperback becomes available.

 Specialties: Magic: The Gathering, Transformers, X-Wing Miniatures

Tara Henderson

Matt Stroud

Tina Collins

Rob Watters

Jessica MacLeod

Rick Hawkes

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