MtG: The Hour of Devastation is Upon Us!

hour of deveastation events

We also want to encourage people to play in more events so we are offering additional prize draws. The more events you play in the better the chance you have to win and the larger prizes you are eligable to win!

Play in any of the following events:
Prerelease July 8 – 9
FNM July 7, 14, 21, 29, Aug 4
Draft Weekend July 15
Magic League July 17 – Aug 1
Game Day Aug 5 – 6
Standard Showdown – July 22 – July 29

Get the number of ballots listed for the event:
Prerelease = 10 ballots
Gauntlet (all 4 prereleases) = 50 ballots
Release Draft = 5 ballots
Standard FNM = 1 ballots
Draft FNM = 3 ballot
Magic League = 1 ballot
Standard Showdown = 1 ballot
Game Day = 3 ballots

Be eligible to win these prizes:
1 ballot qualifies for the draw for a Planeswalker Deck
11 ballots qualifies for the draw for an MTG Playmat
16 Ballots qualifies for the draw for an MTG Binder
20 ballots qualifies for the draw for an Hour of Devastation Bundle
25 ballots qualifies for the draw for an Hour of Devastation Booster Box

All draws to be held Tuesday August 8th

Competitive style events will be run through the usual tournament method on the event reporter, with prizes being distributed based on placement in the tournament. The prize pool will have 2 booster packs of Amonkhet per player added to the distribution, with roughly the top half of players receiving some prizes.

Casual style events will still be run as a tournament through the event reporter, but are limited to 3 rounds. All players who participate in at least 1 round of the tournament will receive 2 booster packs of Amonkhet to take home at the end of the event.

Contact us to reserve your Prerelease seat or if you have any questions!

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