Magic: The Gathering’s Commander 2019

Magic: The Gathering’s Commander Season 2019 has arrived! The spoilers are in full swing and commander excitement is in the air. It’s hard to spend much time at the Beacon recently without hearing, “Hey, did you see the lastest spoilers?” Or “What commander are you building?” Magic has been around for a whopping 25 years and throughout that time many different weird and wonderful ways to play the game have cropped up.

Commander, a multiplayer format, has in recent years become the most popular format and that is no different at Heroes’ Beacon. Each Wednesday players gather to shuffle up their favorite 99 card singleton decks lead by their favorite legendary commander. Commander offers a completely different Magic experiences as it focuses on and encourages a more casual play style with multiple friends so it doesn’t come down to budget, instead many games are won through politics and weird and wacky card interactions.

The four upcoming decks.

Come on out and share in the excitement of this amazing format with the upcoming release of Commander 2019. Decks will hit the shelves on August 23rd, and we’ll have our first chance to test them against friends at the Beacon on August 28th so get deckbuilding!

Next week we take a closer look at each of the decks and what you can expect!

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