Let’s talk about the kids…

I watched an interview recently with a young lady who talked candidly about her experience in human trafficking. It was heartbreaking. I have my own (not so baby) baby at home. I hold him tighter when I go out after watching these interviews and documentaries. I talk about this right now because Kevin Smith was recently on our streets and he is a great supporter of the Wayne Foundation, which helps raise awareness of child slavery in our world and support for those affected.

We had a few celebrities using their influence for the greater good in our midst, really. Letters From Our Life did a wonderful job talking about their good deeds. It was touching to get to meet people who were using their status for a greater good.

24 Hours of Gaming and You

Closer to home, I wanted to talk about the IWK. 24 Hours of Gaming is coming up and I hope you’ll join us to raise funds for children being cared for by the programs at the IWK in Nova Scotia. I know children who have been at the IWK and I have heard their parents talk about the exceptional care they received from them.

How can you help?

On November 4th we will be running 24 Hours of Gaming starting at 9AM and ending at 9AM the following morning (those of us who make it the whole way usually go out for breakfast before going home to crash). We are asking everyone who attends donate $10 or join our team and raise some money! If you would like to run a game, contact us and we’ll add you to the Facebook event!

We will be selling One Ups in store for $1. Your One Up will be displayed on our walls up until the event.

When making a purchase at Heroes’ Beacon you can opt to round your purchase up to the nearest dollar, with that money going towards the IWK.

If you can’t do any of that, share the word out to friends and family! 24 Hours of Gaming has raised more than $30 Million dollars for sick and injured kids. It’s an event we’re proud to be part of!

Why I Extra Life

I was catching up on some updates from the 24 Hours of Gaming site and this caught my eye.

The why finds you. You will inevitably know someone, or know someone who knows someone who needs a children’s hospital. You’ll know many more if you talk about it – many of your closest friends likely have experiences with these places that you don’t even know.” @Sean Rooney

And he’s right you know. That’s part of why we decided to participate. I feel confident we would have anyway, but the fact that we have good people in our lives who have needed a children’s hospital influenced our decision. I hope you’ll join us, even for a part of the event!

Bonus! You can fundraise on the go with the new mobile apps!

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