Justice League

Comic book movies are still going strong. With the release if Wonder Woman, DC proved that they still have the potential to release a quality film. This has excitement for the upcoming Justice League movie at a high point. What better way to get ready for this than to check out some of the comics that have built these characters? These are some of my favourite stories that have built the characters that make the Justice League.

Since Wonder Woman was the most recent and successful movie, my choice for a Wonder Woman Story is JLA: A League of One.  In this Diana subdues the rest of the League so that if the League must die she will be the only one. It shows her strength, determination and willingness to put others ahead of her.

Batman is always another key member that is always important to the League. My favourite Batman story is The Long Halloween. In this story Batman has to match wits with some of his most dangerous foes as well as the mobsters. This story shows that Batman is more than a thug that punches and kicks his way to a solution.

Superman has always been my own favourite character. The reason is not because he is the most powerful, but because he inspires others to do more for themselves. In one of my favourite Superman stories, the Death and Return of Superman, he sacrifices himself to stop Doomsday. After his funeral, other heroes step up to try and fill his shoes in protecting Metropolis and the world.

The Flash is another founding member of the League in the comics. My choice here is Flashpoint. In this Flash attempts to change history and realizes that the results may not be what he was looking for. It shows Flash dealing with versions of some of his greatest enemies, some having been altered by the time change. If nothing else this book shows the consequences of thinking before acting.

For Aquaman, the best story in recent years was the Trench. In the new 52 reboot, the citizens of the world reacted to Aquaman, the same way fans had for years. In spite of the lack of respect, he is able to show himself to be a formidable hero in his own right.

The final member of the Justice League in the movie is Cyborg. While he is a relatively new member in the comics, he has been around for many years. His best stories came in his time with the Teen Titans, but a more recent story of Cyborg with the Justice League was Justice League Origin, where he becomes one of the new founding members to help stop Darkseid.

All of these stories are available, either on the shelves or for order.

Steve Henderson
Steve has been selling comics and games for over 20 years and is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon.