January 2019 Previews

Here is a Sample of the exciting new items available for order in January. Items will ship in March and beyond. **All Prices are USD

DC Comics

Detective Comics #1000


(W) Peter J. Tomasi, Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Dini, Warren Ellis, Geoff Johns, Tom King, Dennis O’Neil, Christopher Priest, Kevin Smith, Scott Snyder, Others (A) Doug Mahnke, Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Tony S. Daniel, Steve Epting, Kelley Jones, Andy Kubert, Alex Maleev, Dustin Nguyen (CA) Scott Williams (A/CA) Jim Lee

After 80 years, it’s here-the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, the title that literally defines DC! This 96-page issue is stacked with an unbelievable lineup of talent that will take you on a journey through Batman’s past, present and future…plus a sensational epilogue that features the first-ever DC Universe appearance of the deadly Arkham Knight! But who is under the mask? And why do they want Batman dead? The incredible future of Batman adventures begins here!

In Shops: Mar 27, 2019

SRP: $9.99

Dial H for Hero #1 (of 6)


(W) Sam Humphries (A/CA) Joe Quinones

Miguel, a teen daredevil, becomes the newest wielder of the Hero Dial-a rotary phone-like device that grants the user superpowers for one hour when they dial H-E-R-O. Will he rise as a new hero in the DC Universe or crumble under the weight of responsibility the dial thrusts upon him? This blistering new six-issue miniseries joins the Wonder Comics lineup with stories by award-winning fan favorite Sam Humphries (HARLEY QUINN) and art by Joe Quinones (Howard the Duck).

In Shops: Mar 27, 2019

SRP: $3.99

Second Coming #1 (of 6)


(W) Mark Russell (A) Richard Pace (CA) Amanda ConnerWitness the return of Jesus Christ, as He is sent on a most holy mission by God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming roommates with the world’s favorite savior: the all-powerful super hero Sun-Man, the Last Son of Krispex! But when Christ returns to Earth, he’s shocked to discover what has become of his gospel-and now, he aims to set the record straight.

In Shops: Mar 06, 2019

SRP: $3.99

DC Trades

Man of Steel TP

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Evan “Doc” Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, Jason Fabok, Jos? Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Dexter Vines, Steve Rude, Wade Von Grawbadger (A/CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado

A new era begins for Superman as a threat from his earliest origins reemerges to destroy the Last Son of Krypton. As Superman struggles to come to grips with what has happened to his wife and son, he must also face a new threat that’s determined to burn down Metropolis! The six-issue weekly series written by Brian Michael Bendis is collected, along with the prelude story from DC NATION #0.

In Shops: Jan 23, 2019
SRP: $24.99

DC Collectibles

DC Designer Jim Lee Nightwing Statue


The DC DESIGNER SERIES line is born from the imaginative vision of the comics industry’s top artists. Coming from the pages of the blockbuster series BATMAN: HUSH, this polyresin statue captures Lee’s now-iconic take on Nightwing, complete with the former Boy Wonder’s twirling escrima sticks. This statue is limited to 5,000 units.
DC DESIGNER SERIES statues are based on art from the comics industry’s top creators and re-create their vision in vivid 3-D detail.
•  Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered 
•  Figures measure approximately 12.90″ tall
•  Allocations may occur 
•  Final products may differ from images shown
•  Approximately 6 units per carton

In Shops: Aug 28, 2019

SRP: $150.00

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man Life Story #1 (of 6)


(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Mark Bagley (CA) Chip Zdarsky

In 1962, in AMAZING FANTASY #15, 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and became the Amazing Spider-Man! Fifty-seven years have passed in the real world since that event – so what would have happened if the same amount of time passed for Peter as well?

A special high-end limited series that’s a part of the celebration of Marvel’s 80th anniversary, SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY combines the talents of Chip Zdarsky (SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, MARVEL 2-IN-ONE) and Mark Bagley (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) to tell the entire history of Spider-Man from beginning to end, set against the key events of the decades through which he lived!

In this first oversized issue, when Flash Thompson is drafted to serve during the Vietnam War, Spidey must weigh the question of where his responsibility truly lies!

Rated T

In Shops: Mar 20, 2019

SRP: $4.99

Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #1 (of 5)


(W) Dennis Hopeless (A) Paolo Villanelli (CA) Greg Smallwood


He has been many things: a SITH warrior, a commander, a destroyer. DARTH VADER is to many throughout the GALACTIC EMPIRE a symbol of fear and mysterious, otherworldly power. But there are some who have seen the DARK LORD in a different light. There are some corners of the galaxy so dark and desperate that even Vader can be a knight in shining armor. The first issue of a new STAR WARS limited series, writer Dennis Hopeless (CLOAK AND DAGGER, JEAN GREY) sheds new light on the many sides of the galaxy’s greatest villain.

Rated T

In Shops: Mar 06, 2019

SRP: $4.99

War of Realms #1



In Shops: Apr 03, 2019

SRP: $5.99

Marvel Trades

Asgardians of the Galaxy Vol 1


(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Matteo Lolli, Michael Del Mundo, More (CA) Dale Keown

Spinning out of INFINITY WARS comes an epic space opera! Angela, Thor’s half-sister. The hotheaded Valkyrie – and Annabelle Riggs, the human who shares her form. Skurge the Executioner, freshly returned from Hel. Throg, the mighty frog of thunder. Kevin Masterson, the boy who took his father’s mace to become the hero Thunderstrike. And the Destroyer, the Asgardian armor built to take down Celestials – its current occupant unknown. A team of murderers, assassins, heroes – and frogs – assembles to save the universe from a weapon even Thor himself would fear to fight! Thanos’ deadly granddaughter, Nebula, is out to rule the galaxy – and not even the dead will stand in her way! Allied uneasily with Loki and targeted by the Nova Corps, can the Asgardians possibly triumph over Nebula’s armada? Collecting ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1-5.
Rated T+

In Shops: Mar 27, 2019

SRP: $15.99

Image Comics

Assassination Nation #1


(W) Kyle Starks (A/CA) Erica Henderson

    SERIES PREMIERE! Hot off her breakout success at Marvel, two-time Eisner award winner ERICA HENDERSON (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Jughead) teams up with KYLE STARKS (writer of sales beast Rick and Morty) for a hilarious twist on the hitman trope that will have readers laughing in the aisles over ASSASSIN NATION.
The World’s Former Greatest Hitman hires the 20 best assassins in the world to be his bodyguards. These mean-as-hell hired guns and murderers must work together to keep the new crime boss safe while attempting to solve the mystery of who’s trying to off him.  
With the same laugh-until-you-cry spirit of action-comedies like Hot Fuzz, Tropic Thunder, and Deadpool, ASSASSIN NATION is the bombastic, side-splitting murder-fest you’ve been waiting for.

In Shops: Mar 13, 2019

SRP: $3.99

Deadly Class Deluxe HC Vol 1 


(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Wesley Craig

Collecting the first three arcs of REMENDER and CRAIG’s twistedly humorous story of a group of damaged teens enrolled in a secret high school, training to become the world’s greatest assassins. Presented in oversized hardcover format! Collects DEADLY CLASS #1-16.

In Shops: Jan 23, 2019

SRP: $49.99

Dark Horse

Invisible Kingdom #1


(W) G. Willow Wilson (A/CA) Christian Ward

    Set in a in a far-flung star system, this new epic sci-fi monthly saga tells the tale of two women-a young religious acolyte and a hard-bitten freighter pilot-who separately uncover a vast conspiracy between the leader of the system’s dominant religion and the mega-corporation that controls society. On the run from reprisals on both sides, this unlikely pair of rebels risk plunging the world into anarchy if they reveal the truth. But when your beliefs betray you, what choice is there left? 
By Hugo Award-winning writer G. Willow Wilson (Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel) and Eisner Award-winning artist Christian Ward (Black Bolt, ODY-C).

In Shops: Mar 20, 2019

SRP: $3.99

Toys and Novelties

Castlevania Gallery Trevor Belmont PVC Figure


A Diamond Select Toys release! The last Belmont returns! Trevor Belmont muscles his way into the Gallery PVC line with this dynamic diorama, based on the hit Castlevania TV series on Netflix! The hard-living hero double-fists a wooden stake and his trademark whip, ready to take down whatever creature of the night crosses his path. Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, this PVC sculpture is made of high-grade plastic and features detailed paint applications. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella! Packaged in a full-color window box. 

In Shops: May 29, 2019

SRP: $49.99

Fantastic Beasts Albus Dumbledore ArtFX+


From Kotobukiya. The first entry in a realistic figure series of characters from Fantastic Beasts!
This 1/10 scale rendition of Albus portrays him with a scowl on his face and his wand at the ready, ready to take on anything the dark wizard throws at him! 

In Shops: Jul 31, 2019

SRP: $99.99

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