Ixalan Release Draft

Hey folks!

So, Ixalan has been pretty exciting! The energy at the prereleases last weekend was so great! I even got talked into playing my first prerelease since Khans! I did not enjoy the 3 color decks in the Khans block, which is ironic because I ended up playing a red, white and green deck Saturday morning because I pulled a 3 color Dinosaur.

Dinos, Pirates, Merfolk and Vamps! Oh my!


With that being said, Release weekend is upon us and we are running a special $10 draft! Yes. you read that right! Bring your friends out folks! We are at that time of year when we need to get 32 people to play at least 1 round with us to maintain our Advanced Store status with Wizards of the Coast, which helps our ability to get cool stuff a little early, it affects our allocations and ability to order certain products.









Fatal Push is the September FNM Promo card! And Bishop of Rebirth is the Ixalan Release Day card.

We have 30 Fatal Pushes on hand and 60 Bishop of Rebirth! That means that pretty well everyone is walking away with some pretty awesome promo cards!

Join us Friday, September 29th at 6PM and we’ll travel to Ixalan!


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