Inspiration for Disney +

Disney + is a new streaming service set to launch in November. With it we are going to see a bevy of new shows in the Marvel Universe as part of their Phase 4 stories. Most of the the Marvel Cinematic Universe has at least some inspiration in the original comic book although many details get changed to suit the needs of film and reaching a wider audience. Even with all the changes it is fun to read the original material that inspired the screen adaptions.

While we don’t know which stories are planned for these new series we can certainly take a guess. This article may contain spoilers from already released Marvel movies.

The Falcon and the Winter Solider

Given the events of Avengers: Endgame I have to believe some inspiration will be drawn from Captain America Vol 2: The Burden of Dreams (2008). This takes place follow the death of Steve Rogers. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson (among others) come together to keep Steve’s dream alive. A big difference in the comic is they also set out to find Steve’s killer, where in Endgame Steve did not die, so the overarching story probably won’t be the same.


This is one of the more intriguing series that have been announced. With the Vision having died in Endgame it leaves us wondering how he will be returning in a television show?

From what we’ve seen so far it looks like it might be Marvel’s first sitcom and maybe following Vision Vol 1: Little Worse than Man (2016) where we see Vision wanting to be more human. What could be more human than having a family? Vision creates a wife and kids in an attempt to be the ideal next door neighbor with the power to kill everyone. What could possibly go wrong?


This might be one of the harder series to figure out the inspiration. This will follow the Loki that escaped with the Space Stone during Endgame. Which means anything is possible as this Loki isn’t in the timeline the rest of the MCU is following.

Perhaps we will see something crazy like Vote Loki (2016) where the trickster God runs for President! It’s a fun story following Loki on the campaign trail and helping deal with a national emergency… which he certainly would never have caused.

What If…?

This will be Marvel’s first animated series for Disney +. What If…? has been running off and on for decades taking well known Marvel stories and giving them a twist. Looking at things like “What If Peggy Carter received the super serum instead of Steve?” This series could go anywhere given the What If formula and the fact that it is animated. The best part might be the movie actors will are set to voice their animated counterparts!


With the events of Infinity War we saw a much darker Clint having lost his family to the snap. By the end of Endgame everyone was restored and Clint could go back into retirement. We’ve heard this series will follow Clint training a new, younger Hawkeye to replace him.

If true the series will probably follow Hawkeye Vol 1: My Life as a Weapon Now (2013) a fan favorite series where Clint trains a young Kate Bishop to become one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Ms. Marvel

Marvel will introduce their first Muslim super-hero to the small screen, perhaps with an appearance on the big screen in Captain Marvel 2 first.

The inspiration will no doubt be drawn from Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal (2014) which follows Kamala Khan a normal Jersey gal who suddenly has extraordinary powers. We watch as Kamala discovers what it is to be a teenager, a Muslim, and a super hero!

Chris Duffield
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