Tomorrow we will launch our Indiegogo campaign. If you have not already seen the teasers for the various perks, head on over to, to check them out.

I’ve had a few people ask me why we are doing an Indiegogo campaign and what the money we raise will be for. The information on the campaign site when it launches will tell you much of it but I thought I’d answer some questions now.

Why are we using Indiegogo? It is a crowd-funding website that has a trusted reputation much like Kickstarter. The only real difference is that with Kickstarter you have to be bringing people a new product, but with Indiegogo you can be raising funds for any venture.

What is the money for? Simply put, buying the business. The current owners of Mad City Comics have offered to sell to us and at a fair price, but it isn’t a cheap price. In addition to that there needs to be renovations done, tables & chairs bought, some new racks, and money to cover operating expenses during the transition. All of this adds up to a lot of money. We hope that with a successful Indiegogo campaign it will show the banks how much people really want to see Heroes’ Beacon become a reality.

This has been a dream of mine since I was kid and I know many others have talked about wanting to open their own comic or gaming store. For many of us it is a life long passion that only grows with age. Steve and I want this to not only be our dream come true, but everyone else’s too. We firmly believe in a store built on community. By hosting events that you folks want and keeping you interested in your hobbies we can have a very strong store. And that strong store will invest back in the community that built it. Be it by giving a place for clubs to meet, a shelf for local artist to sell their crafts, or by advertising your events.


Heroes' Beacon
Heroes’ Beacon is Saint John’s one stop shop for all your Comic and Gaming needs!

We offer pull lists for comic subscribers and play space for open gaming!


  • Chris Fougere

    Many, many years ago Anita and I did a game store thing but never managed to make the leap from flea market/friends/university lounge to actual brick and mortar store. To see friends make that leap is truly amazing and we wish you all the best. As much as I am a strong believer in buying local (which means Fredericton), the desire to support friends is stronger and I know what store will be supplying my gaming needs. Good luck with everything, can’t wait to step foot into the new store knowing that you guys have succeeded in making the dream come true.

  • Rebecca

    I wish you guys all the success in the world and although I struggle with money myself, I will definitely find a way to get you something. Be it fifty cents or a dollar, I pledge to give you something! And soon!
    If everyone who saw this could donate even fifty cents, a dollar, anything, we can make this a success!

  • BLee Williams

    I will probably never start a game store, but like Chris, I have always wanted to. One of the first jobs I decided I wanted when I grew up was to work for Avalon Hill as a game designer. From that time on (around 5th grade, 1970-ish) I have haunted game stores. I have travelled a lot and have always checked out the local game scene. I am looking at Heroes’ Beacon as MY store. Sure Chris and Steve will run it, and do all the hard work, and I love them for it. In addition to there huge contributions, we the community will have a big effect in shaping the store. I happy and excited to make a contribution on several levels: customer, advisor, DM, player, funder, and friend. I’m in.

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