In-Flight with Fantasy Flight

Every year at GenCon Fantasy Flight games holds a press conference to talk about products coming out in the next 6 to 12 months. Being a big fan of a lot of the games that FFG makes I was eager to check it out and thought I’d break down some of the highlights to share with you.

First up they announced a new game in their Arkham Horror Files line. Arkham Horror: Final Hour is in the vein of Arkham and Eldritch Horror. Except instead of racing around trying to stop cultists from finishing a ritual to bring the Elder Gods to earth the ritual has already been completed.

Now it is your job to undo it! The game has the usual variety of Investigator seeking clues over eight turns and a stock of monsters and cultist to stand in your way. Perhaps the most interesting part is that the game should only take an hour to play (or less if things go poorly). This is a big change from some of their other games in the line that take several hours to complete.

Next up they dove into the trove of Star Wars products they have going. I’m just going to focus on the exciting releases coming up for Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: X-Wing.

For Star Wars: Legion there was a lot of talk about the upcoming release of the Clone Wars era stand alone starter box that will introduce two new factions to the game. The road map for future releases for those two factions is very strong and exciting.

X-Wing saw both new ships and products from Wave I get their Wave II version.

Fantasy Flight Games has a long list of Living Card Games (LCG) in their library, now they are adding a huge new property! Marvel Champions!

Marvel Champions sees players take on the role of iconic Marvel Superheroes trying to put a stop to infamous villains from enacting their schemes. The core games comes with 350 cards, 100 tokens, and 5 hit point tokens which is enough for 1 – 4 players to play cooperatively. The game will offer robust deck building and versatile scenarios with vast replay-ability.

The 5 heroes in the core box.

The game will feature monthly releases in the normal style of LCGs. These releases take 3 forms. Character packs introducing new characters and deck building options, Scenario packs with a new villain and scenario to play. Then a bit down the road a campaign expansion that will feature linked scenarios that unfold.

Preview of upcoming expansions.

Last in an almost after-credit scene from a Marvel movie, FFG let the folks from Atomic Mass take the stage to reveal another Marvel game! This time is a skirmish miniatures game – Marvel Crisis Protocol! This miniatures game will allow you to team up your favorite heroes or villains to do battle in the streets!

Core Set and future expansions.

The game will offer fast paced play on a 3 x 3 table to get your right into the action. The game has an interesting focus on terrain. Unlike most games where terrain is used to hide behind and provide cover, this game Spider-Man can throw a dumpster at his foe or the Hulk can literally smash the Daily Bugle down on top of his opponent. The base game comes with a variety of terrain including the Daily Bugle!

Sample game play.

While Atomic Mass is a relatively unknown company, I have a feeling the product will be distributed by Asmodee and the willingness for FFG to give them stage time lends credibility to the company.

There were some products like the Genesys RPG system and Keyforge that I skipped over but this year the report was live streamed so if you are interested in seeing the full video you can go check it out.

Chris Duffield
Chris has been working in the comic and gaming industry for more than ten years and is an owner of Heroes' Beacon. He enjoys reading comics, playing board games, painting and playing miniature war games.