Impossible Realities and the fast approach launch of Heroes’ Beacon!

It has been a few weeks so I thought I should bring you the latest news from Heroes Beacon.

First up, our Paragon sponsor Impossible Realities is having their big annual convention September 13th – 15th.  It is a full weekend of great gaming.  If you enjoy D&D, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Battletech, Infinity, just about any board game and a slew of other games this is a must attend event!  Heroes’ Beacon will be having their very first vendor table at the event.  We will have t-shirts, dice, bags, pre-orders on hoodies ($20 deposit) and a bunch of other cool stuff for sale so come check it out or just stop by to say hello!

Physical Perks!  The Dice are in the store, the Tote bags are in the store, and we have confirmation the correct T-shirts should be on the way very soon.  We are holding back on all these items because we want to give everything out at once to avoid anything getting missed.  If shipping goes as planned we could be handing these packages out starting at Impossible Realities!  The Art Boards are in and people who chose that perk have been contacted.  If you missed out and are still interested in one please contact us.

The Switch!  There are two documents being drafted up by lawyers.  Once those are signed we can announce our official switch date and the date of the 0-day party!  We have been working on plans for the 0-day party and promise it will be a fun time.  If there is anything you’d like to see please contact us.

Loyalty Points!  With the change coming up please use up any loyalty points you have built up with Read’s / Mad City Comics.  They will not be transitioning to Heroes’ Beacon and we really do not want anyone to lose out on the points they have built up.  Heroes’ Beacon will have its own loyalty point system that will have great benefits but work a little differently from the one we’ve had in the past.  As things stand we will get our new POS (point of sale) system around the end of September, which means we need time to learn how to use it and get all our customers and inventory into it.  Because of that there might be a short period where there is no loyalty program.  For those that chose a perk that came with a Premium Membership those perks will start when the new POS is up and running and go for a full year from the date the POS first gets used, not the date Heroes’ Beacon opens.


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