Hot Toys Iron Man 3 1/6th Scale Tony Stark (Mechanic)

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 1/6th Scale Tony Stark (Mechanic)

For once, it’s nice to pick up an action figure that looks as good as the pictures that advertise it. I had been eying Hot Toys action figures for some time now hoping to one day pick one up. Heroes’ Beacon was even lucky enough to get Sideshow Toys signed up as a distributor and is not able to order in the figures along with a large variety of other high quality lines that Sideshow Toys carries.

Still, I had always wanted to see one up close.

During our first day at Montreal Comiccon I found a number of vendors selling the figures. I immediately set out to find an Iron Man but was surprised to find that many sought after Hot Toys figures – like Iron Man from Avengers – skyrocket in price. “Good luck” I was told by one helpful vendor, “I just sold the one from my collection last month for $800.00”. It was at least a good sign that these figures hold their value. Hot Toys figures are produced in limited quantities it seems, and once they are sold out, the aftermarket prices seemed to climb quite quickly for the more sought after characters.

Eventually I was able to find Tony Stark from Iron Man 3 at one particularly helpful vendor’s booth. It was a toss up between him, Captain America and Thor. I could have taken all three of them home easily enough, but Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark has always been engaging. I picked him up eagerly and opened him up that night at the hotel.






– Taken from the hotel room because I am impatient.


Hot Toys are very carefully packaged. The figured was nestled snugly in a pretty slick, sturdy box. Most of the parts were carefully, individually wrapped with lots of cushioning to protect the detailing on key parts of the figure (primarily the head).

Here’s what you get in the box, taken from the Sideshow Collectibles site:

  • Battle damaged head sculpt with movie-accurate facial features with detailed beard, wrinkles and skin texture
  • Advanced body with over 30 points of articulation, specially designed for Tony Stark
  • LED light on chest (battery operated)
  • Metallic gold and red paint on interchangeable Mark XLII armor parts including:
  • One (1) right forearm armor
  • One (1) left leg armor
  • Eight (8) interchangeable palms including:
  • One (1) pair of palms for holding gun
  • One (1) pair relaxed palms
  • One (1) left palm for holding weapons
  • One (1) gloved right palm with wire
  • One (1) right armored palm with improved articulations, movable fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
  • One (1) right armored repulsor palm
  • One (1) white vest
  • One (1) pair of dark blue jeans
  • One (1) pair of white sneakers
  • One (1) black zip hoodie
  • One (1) submachine gun
  • One (1) nail gun
  • One (1) stun gun
  • One (1) Christmas ornament
  • One (1) augmented-cognition headset with holographic effect
  • One (1) pair of sunglasses
  • One (1) watch
  • One (1) backpack
  • One (1) newspaper
  • One (1) clamp
  • One (1) dart with wire
  • One (1) container with syringe
  • Figure stand with Tony Stark nameplate and the movie logo

That is a ton of extras.

Once unwrapped, the figure knocked my socks off. Tony stands about 12 inches tall and has a fairly good heft to him. I had heard about the love and care Hot Toys put into face sculpts, but Tony was spot on. The attention to detail was amazing. Multiple paint apps were applied to the face and the skin texture was really well done. It looked like a miniature Robert Downey Jr. The fabric felt right for the scale and Tony’s pants looked dusty and dirty just as they did in the film. The jacket and backpack feature tiny working zippers. The buckles on the backpack work. His undershirt has the AIM logo on it – even though you are not likely to ever see it. Everything just looked right. Each time I pick him up, I find even more detail that I had missed.







The figure itself features two interchangeable right arms. One has a magnetic clip that allows you to attach two different Iron Man palms – one extended and one with articulated fingers. Both palms have a working LED light. Tony’s chest lights up as well with a flick of a switch on his back.








”High five!”


The toy has a fair bit of articulation and I have been getting a kick out of posing him. The joints are fairly stiff though so it can take a bit of effort to bend his elbows for example. That said, the stiff joints and solid build mean he could probably stand on his own despite coming with a support base. Swapping out hands can be a bit nerve wracking. I’m always afraid that something will come apart in a way that was not intended, but the figure seems pretty durable. The fingers on the hands are made from a fairly pliable material so it’s pretty easy to get him to hold weapons or accessories and have things sit just right.









If you are interested in Hot Toys figures I do highly recommend them. They are not cheap, but for what you get I would consider them a bargain. The craftsmanship alone is worth the investment.

To see more photos of Tony Stark (professionally taken, I might add!) or to check out what other products are available from Sdieshow Collectables check out We can now order products from Sideshow Collectibles, so drop us a line if anything interests you!

Our Tony from Comiccon is also sitting in our display case if you want a closer look at the figure.


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