Holiday Gift Guide

We are in the thick of the holiday season.  With that comes the anxiety of finding the perfect gifts for the loved ones in your life.  Do you have a loved one asking for Magic cards, Carcassonne, or Suicide Squad and you have no idea what any of that is?  Worry not, we have you covered!  Here is our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide with suggestions that are sure to bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning.

Gifts for the Comic Collector

Many people have been collecting comic books for years and even decades!  This often means they have issues they are missing and wishing they could add to their ever growing collection.  We have a great selection of new and old comics for the Comic Collector in your life.  We have new comics each week (Wednesday) and a wide variety of older comics like first appearances, first issues, and even signed comics.

If your Comic Collector is looking for something new to read, Trade Paperbacks are a great gift.  They give you a fully collected story in one beautifully bound volume that fits nicely on a bookshelf.


Comic Collectors inevitably get so many issues they need a safe place to store them.  These art comic boxes are a nice change from the typical white storage boxes and display nicely in any setting.



Gifts for the Causal Gamer

In recent years board games have made a come back in a big way.  With literally hundreds to pick from it can be daunting to find the right place to start your collection.  These are a few great entry games with rules that are simply to learn but always fun to play.  If these don’t fill your need or perhaps your loved one already has them our staff can always make suggestions on other titles that would suit your needs.

Lanterns – A fun and simple game for 2 – 4 players.  Players take turns placing coloured tiles adjacent to each other, scoring points by matching the coloured lanterns on each side of the tiles.

Ticket to Ride – 2 – 5 players take the task of building railway lines across the country.  There are a few different version of the game that allow you to play on different maps such as Europe, America, or Africa.  You’ll take turns drawing cards attempt to get matching sets that allow you to place your trains and claim tracks in an effort to complete your routes.

Dixit – 3 – 6 players will start with a hand of gorgeous art cards.  The active player will select a card and say a word or phrase that makes them think of the card.  The other players will select a card from there hand they feel also describes the word or phrase.  All cards and handed in face down, shuffled and revealed.  Players vote on which card they believe was the active players.  Points are gained by guessing correctly or having players incorrectly vote for your card!

Gifts for the Serious Gamer

If your loved one has masters the basic board games and is ready to move on to something with more substance we have a great range of games on this level too!

Pandemic Legacy – Building on the popularity of the original Pandemic game up to 4 players take on the role of CDC (Center for Disease Control) agents attempting to stop a massive disease out break.  Players will move around the map curing disease and attempt to find a cure.  Pandemic Legacy is meant to be played over a number of sessions where the agents will gain more skills (or maybe die!) and the board will be changed depending the groups success or failures.

Scythe – In a dystopia alternate history 1920s 1 -5 players take turns moving, building resources, building structures, enlisting new recruits and unleashing devastating mechs to conquer territories in an attempt to rule the land.  Each player faction is unique in its starting location, resource needs, and goals making for a different game each time you play a different faction.

Power Grid – Take on the role of a Germany power plant manager.  2 – 6 players take turn bidding on new power plants in an auction style, buying resources, and spending resources to power cities.  Players must manage their money, upgrade power plants, and watch the market as the price on resources fluctuates with demand all in an attempt to power the most cities and win the game.


Gifts for the Fashion Conscious

While most people know Heroes’ Beacon has a wide selection of comics and gaming products our best kept secret is our apparel!  We have a great selection of scarves, umbrellas, purses, bags, and socks with new stock coming in all the time!  If your loved one is a fan of Harry Potters, Star Wars, Marvel, Fallout, (just to name a few) we have something for you.

Gifts for the Role Player


If you loved one spends ours around the table with friends telling stories of dungeon delving, exploring far off places, and taking on fantastic adventures we have a whole section for them.  From Dungeons & Dragons books, dice and miniatures to other great games like Starfinder, Star Wars, Dr. Who and Firefly any realm you can image we have something to get you there and all the accessories to be a success in your adventures.


Stocking Stuffers

Are you looking for a few small last minute things to fill a stocking or round out the perfect gifts you’ve already bought?  Have have great suggestion for you.  Your collector fan would love Funko Pop Vinyls and Mystery Minis.  Booster packs of Magic the Gathering and Pokemon for your Trading Card Game player.  And Ear rings, lapel pins, hair scrunchies, and bracelets for the fashion minded.









Chris Duffield
Chris has been working in the comic and gaming industry for more than ten years and is an owner of Heroes' Beacon. He enjoys reading comics, playing board games, painting and playing miniature war games.