Happy Anniversary! Year One in Pictures

Happy Anniversary Heroes’ Beacon!

The comic and games store that love built turns one year old this week and we will be celebrating Saturday, October 4th with cake and goodies!

The idea for Heroes’ Beacon originally came about over two years ago with some discussions between Steve and Chris.  Both had a dream of running their own comic book shop, but neither could do it alone and raising the funds to get started proved to be tricky.

Enter the Indigogo fundraiser!


With Indigogo, Steve and Chris were able to get the ball rolling.  With further help from Tara and Greg and ongoing support from the community, Heroes’ Beacon came closer and closer to becoming a reality.


Before we opened our doors, we got our first taste of business at Impossible Realities!


Reads United in Saint John closed its doors on September 27th.  We boxed up the last of the books while gamers enjoyed the Theros launch day FNM.  To this day we are still greatful that our customers were kind and patient while we worked around them.  It would be the last day of gaming on rickety old tables and bent, well-worn chairs!  It was time to renovate!


Four days later, the Day Zero Party was held for our Indigogo supporters.


We had much more space on the shelves back then! These days it is becoming an ongoing battle to find room for our expanding inventory.


We also had an improvised sign for the time being.  The first logo was painted on with acrylic paint.  It was later removed and replaced with a proper decal.


One of the first major events we had was the Theros Gameday event.  Rob and Tina have run multiple events for us at the store and Tina was quite keen on running the Gameday Hydra challenge.


We held our first 24 Hour Extra Life event to help raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital.  There were multiple games that were run into the late hours of the night.

We Celebrated Halloween with a wonderfully carved pumpkin!


We got nominated for a Saltys social media award! We didn’t win 🙁

Rang in the new year with a sign!  Just before Jan 1, we had our lovely new sign installed.  Sadly, it was recently damaged but we’re hoping it will be fixed soon!


We had a New Years Eve party with lots of games!  We’re planning on doing one again this year.


We did some Magic in the dark.  During a power outage, Rob managed to find us some battery operated lights to play by.  It was cozy.


We held a Love Letter tournament to spread the love!  The event included costumes and prizes.


We did the March to Oblivion with a full load of products.  We probably took up way more space than we needed to, but it was nice to have a presence as a proper store.  We even gave away T-Shirts via twitter!


We participated in ECCE in Moncton and we can’t wait to go again!  Rumour has it, the next one might be 2 days!


At some point we found Matt and he’s been working at Heroes’ Beacon ever since 🙂


The Magic League wrapped up!  Rob, Shane and Tina claimed the top three spots while Al won a medal for taking the most games to time and Pam won most improved player.


We held our first Free Comic Book Day!

Which was successful…


We got with the times and added some tech – a TV used for demos, shows and advertising.


We also held our first large Ladies Night, which included vendors, games and events!  Everyone seemed to have a good time!


We challenged Planeswalkers for the launch of the 2015 Core Set.


And most recently, the Magic League has started again!


Overall, it has been a pretty good year and we’re excited to share more events in the years to come!

Greg Grondin
Gregory Grondin is a full time Systems Analyst working for Mariner Innovations. He also works as a weight loss consultant for Weight Watchers and is part owner of Heroes' Beacon. You can follow his web comic series at http://www.spacepawdyssey.com

Greg is a fan of gaming and comics in general and an avid collector of Transformers figures.


  • Michael "Bee" Berthiaume

    I look forward to more pictures with me in them as a friend and customer! Especially once Tina and I get to show off our Axes and Duel like the Extraordinary Planeswalkers we are!

    Side Note… Rob could totally go as Garruk for Cosplay/Halloween… and even have an Axe now!

  • Melissa Woodcock

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on the success of your first year! 🙂 What an amazing accomplishment, and what a positive environment it brings to the uptown and mostly our community.

    Lots of love, and miss you all very much!


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