Fun filled weekend and more ahead!

Our Indiegogo campaign continues go well as many of you have heard from our Facebook, so I wanted to talk a little about some of the events and changes to the store that will happen after we take over.

You already know about the chairs, tables, and renovations but there are far cooler things we want to offer.  For example, this weekend we hosted our first Magic the Gathering pre-release.  Over Saturday and Sunday (with the aid of some very awesome people) we ran three tournaments for more than 40 people and gave out some great prizes!  As things are now we can host at most 20 people for a single event (and that is a little crowded).  The Magic League that has been running for a few months actually had to turn people away due to our seating limitations.  When we are successful we will easily be able to seat 40+ people comfortably.  It also means we will have the time to run more events like Friday Night Magic.

Don’t play Magic?  That’s okay we didn’t forget about you!  We want to run events to support all of the genres.  People have asked about Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon and while we do not run these events at the moment, these are things we will be able to add to our event cycle.  Board game nights is another big thing we want to do.  Be it a Munchkin Tournament, a Risk Legacy League, or just doing demos of games people are interested in we want to support these growing interests.  We have even talked about having open copies of some games for people to try out in the store.

But what about War Games?  Warhammer 40k, Fantasy, Infinity, and Malifaux are all games we want to host events for.  We will have a regular weekend for people to use the in house tables and terrain to play and meet others who play.  In addition we want to do Painting Classes, terrain building days, and campaigns with great prizes.

Love Comics?  So do we!  We will host a Graphic Novel Book Club where once a month  people can get together, have a coffee and discuss a selected Graphic Novel.  It is a great way to read something new and meet some new people.  We also want to support our local comic artists by hosting events like 24 Hour Comics Day, and even carrying local made comics on our shelves.  And don’t forget about Free Comic Book Day (May 4th this year, come join us Saturday!) we will continue to support this event which is one of the biggest days on our calendar.

And who could forget Role Playing?  We already host a weekly Dungeons & Dragons Encounters event but would love to have other games running on a regular basis in the store like Pathfinder Societies, or even your local session of Cthulhu, Rifts, Star Wars, and everything else our players enjoy.  One way we’d like to better support these games is with Free RPG Day which tends to crowd up pretty quickly at the moment…

So regardless of your flavour of hobby we want you to be able to enjoy it in our shop in comfort while meeting new people and discovering new ideas!  All with the aid of our helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff.

Til next time,


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  • Greg G

    I haven’t played Magic before, but I am tempted on attending some of your pre-release/booster drafts in the future for fun.

    Really enjoying going to the store Tuesday nights to draw, paint or play Infinity. It’s been a great creative outlet, and I’m excited on having more space to do that. It’s always nice having people pop in and ask what you’re doing too and having more space up front means people can more easily check out the games we’re playing and it means they are more comfortable pulling up a chair and drawing with us.

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