Ever Wonder Why We Missed Your Title?

Ever come into the shop to pick up your pull list only to find a title that is on your list is missing?  Sadly it happens.  Steve and I are quick to check the shelf or do a back order to make sure you don’t miss out but the mistake has already been made.  I’d like to walk you through an average comic order so you can see behind the scenes of our system and what changes a successful Indiegogo will bring to that system.

First we order the comics.  For example this week we placed the monthly order for the comics that will arrive in JULY! That’s right- two months ahead of when comics come in we have to order.  This means if a new title comes out in July and you only learn of it in June, although we will have added it to our system, you might still miss out.  Often what happens is when placing the order we have to guess at how popular it will be.  So if we order 10 copies because we have 3 people in the system for it that seems like enough.  But by the time July comes another 8 people have added it to their pull and suddenly we are short one and hoping we can back order the extra.  That is one reason you might miss a title.  So always take a look in the PREVIEWS catalog each month so you don’t miss out.  Another reason might be because when Steve places that order the name of your title might have changed in the system.  For example, when many of the new Marvel titles started they all had “NOW” tacked onto the end of them in the system.  In newer catalogs the “NOW” has been dropped from some.  So even though we are down for 10 copies of Deadpool NOW, the most recent month has changed the title to simply Deadpool and we are not down for any of those.  Steve is pretty good at catching it, but he is still human.  This title change happens pretty regularly with cross overs, big events, etc…

Now for the weekly order.  It usually arrives Tuesday morning.  This weeks order had 70 different titles (3568 total units including trades, variants, etc..) for more than 150 customers.  The current software which shall remain nameless, totally fails in its ability to generate a list of comics that each customer is getting that week.  This leaves us having to print out 25+ pages that show EVERY customer and EVERY title they are down for.  Then Steve goes over the invoice of what is in that week and manually highlights each title for each customer.  After I’ve check off everything on the invoice while unpacking it, I put the comics from your list into your bag.  I look over the list a second time to see if Steve missed anything, but again, sometimes we both miss a title.  Maybe we miss a title completely or just for one or two customers.  Again, we rush to try to fix our mistake.

How does a successful Indiegogo help fix these issues you ask?  Our distributor ,Diamond Comics, has their own point of sale software now.  It is linked into their database so when in June you realize a new title is coming out for July and we add it to your list, it looks at how many we have on order, how many we need and adjusts to ensure we are not short.  When a title changes names, the system will know it and carry on.  Special orders (like trades, statues, and action figures) will appear on your pull list just like comics instead of us having to track them on an excel sheet.  I’m not promising mistakes will never be made as us silly humans are part of the process but the number of them will decrease a fair bit.

These are just some of the features and fixes that a successful Indiegogo will bring to Heroes’ Beacon to make your shopping experience more enjoyable!


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