D&D Encounters

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October 10, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

D&D Encounters runs every Wednesday following the adventures outlined by Wizards of the Coast for organized play using the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Join in the epic adventures with our growing group of heroes!

Click HERE for more information and starter rules for Dungeons & Dragons or ask about products in store.


  • Christian Acosta

    I’m curious, do you play the game or just promote it? I’m new to D&D and would like to join the group if there’s room.

  • Ken Elisseou

    Can you just show up, or do you need to call ahead and make arrangements?

  • Jonás Joya

    Hi I am interested to learn about D & D, I bought the starter set and I am reading all the rules, but for me is a little confuse, I am foreign I mean I am immigrant so in the country where I come from this kind of game are not so commons, although I am will to learnt and enjoy D & D games. Therefore, could I asist to your game performance as a viewer, due to I felt I am not ready to play yet, but I would like to play in the future.

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