Board Game Super Series

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November 4, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Heroes’ Beacon Super Series will consist of 4 board games with one game being played each meet. Players will be randomly assigned to a table for their first game and paired based on how they do for games after that.

Cost: $5 per meet, plus you may buy 1 board game that day tax free!

Each game will have 3 rounds. Players will gain points based on their final standing at the end of the day. Those points carry over from event to event and are totalled at the end for final standings.

Points based on standing:
1st = 5 pts
2nd = 4 pts
3rd = 3 pts
4th and below = 1 pt

Our first series will feature:
Oct 28th: DC Deckbuilder
Nov 4th: King of Tokyo
Nov 18th: Clank!
Nov 25th: Sea of Clouds

Each week there will be prizes specific to the game being played that are awarded. Things like playmats, promo cards, tokens, etc… At the end of the series gift cards will be awarded. These amounts are minimums and can go up based on attendance.
1st – $40
2nd – $20
3rd – $10
Random prize: $10 (players will have 1 entry for each meet they attended)

For more details see our Facebook event: