East Coast Comic Expo 2015

I’m late in adding this post, but I hope you’ll bear with me.

This was my second year attending ECCE and our second time going as a store. I won’t lie- I was pretty excited leading up to the weekend. There was so much great artwork and other pieces last year, as well as sweet cosplays and celebrity artists, and I was pretty psyched to see the offerings this year. No one disappointed. Steve and I did not stand in lines for autographs this year (giving me way less opportunity to make a jerk of myself…oy…)

Setting up Friday afternoon

We arrived Friday afternoon about 1:30 to absolutely gorgeous weather! Seriously- we went from maybe 10 degrees at home to about 20 degrees in Moncton. The only issue we had was the truck we borrowed to haul our swag up did not have any AC. Feel free to express your sympathy to Greg and Steve.

Set up began at 2PM. There were not a whole lot of people there that early, but we did find out we had one of the same neighbors as last year! That was pretty awesome! I think they were set up (or maybe not even completely set up) before Chris W was buying t-shirts from them. I think he has an addiction. It’s a good addiction to have- Manny Peters has some great designs and good quality swag. 

The expo opened up at 6PM for VIP’s and ran until 9PM Friday night. It was nice being able to check out the other vendors and chat a bit before the large crowds that come with Saturday filtered in. Having first pick of the vendor and artist products was pretty cool, too.

Fingerless Sailor Moon Gloves from Yarrhooked!
Fingerless Sailor Moon Gloves from Yarrhooked!

Saturday was busy busy busy. I think one of my favorite cosplays was Pennywise the Clown. I heard people talking about how he was scaring them and it made my day. Not because he was scaring them, but who dresses like Pennywise? He was even creeping along the outside of the hockey rink tapping on the glass. Or just standing behind vendors until we noticed him. The stuff nightmares are made of I tell you!

Pennywise visiting vendors
Pennywise visiting vendors

The 501st was in attendance, though I missed them in favor of a food run. Lame, I know. But my belly has needs, too. Having said that, I saw a great Stormtrooper herding a three foot tall Jawa with glowing eyes. So adorable!

Other cosplays included- an adult Squirrel Girl, a miniature Squirrel Girl (so cute! Knitted tail and all!), Draco Malfoy, Robin, Batgirl, Dr. Robotnik, Lady Sif, The Queen of Hearts. There are so many missing from this list and I’m sorry to everyone I did not list! Your cosplays were all great and thank you so much for sharing them with us!!

I also saw a NoFlutter Sailor Saturn by Shushuwafflez Creative Studio (full transparency- I thought it was Pluto and I felt awful for that mistake later). So, this lady completely made my weekend! She did a Bombshell Wonder Woman last year and it blew me away, so to see her in this much more elaborate cosplay was beyond words. Chris D and I attended her panel on Saturday afternoon and while the panel itself was poorly set up in terms of acoustics and electronics, she had some great info and advice to offer and I took down a lot of great notes (to be added later in a separate post).

Shushuwafflez as Sailor Saturn as designed by NoFlutter
Shushuwafflez as Sailor Saturn as designed by NoFlutter

We picked up a set of pins for Steve from Blind Leviathan– one announcing his true alignment of Lawful Evil (because he insisted he is not Neutral Evil- ha!) and a pin that says Barbarians do it in a Rage. Teehee.

Steve talked me into commissioning Karibu Illustrations for a Gotham City Sirens piece. Normally, I stick with prints. It allows me to better spread the money love, I guess. It was completely worth the money to have it done. It’s proudly hanging on the wall in my living room and I adore it! I did warn Steve it will make future cons much more expensive for us. I feel he’s been given fair warning.

Gotham City Sirens drawn by Karibu Illustrations- How fabulous is this??
Gotham City Sirens drawn by Karibu Illustrations

We got home pretty early Saturday night… early being around 9:30PM. I think the general consensus among us at Heroes’ Beacon is that we all had a blast and are excited for next year! Look out 2016! It might be our year to be organized!

Thanks for a great weekend!!!

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