Devastating Multiplayer – Hour of Devastation Commanders

Looking through spoilers for a new Magic set is always a lot of fun. We’re in the midst of “spoiler week” for Amonkhet and I keep checking regularly for previews of some of the new cards. It’s always fun to think up new possible brews with new cards but I always find it fun to find new gems for Commander and some new commander cards and in particular Legendary Creatures that can serve as commanders. So far, Hour of Devastation has provided a few new options — some better than others.

Djeru the Purified

The card has not yet been shown in English, but here is the card text translated:

Legendary Creature – Human Warrior

When Djeru the Purified enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Planeswalker card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.

If a source would damage to a Planeswalker you control, prevent 1 of that damage.

Djeru tutors planeswalkers as part of his Enter the Battlefield effect. It’s a powerful ability. He also defends your Planeswalkers — significant targets in Commander. The downside is that as a Commander Djeru may fall short. He limits your colors and narrows the list of Planeswalkers you may search for. You’ll want to find a way to flicker him or get him to trigger multiple times to get more bang for your buck. Still a fun option for any Planewalker heavy decks.

Neheb, the Eternal

Ignore the afflict and pay very close attention to Neheb’s second ability. This minotaur can generate a ton of mana for you provided you’ve dealt damage to your opponents. Spells that hit multiple targets are particularly good and because Neheb fills your pool with RED mana, you are guaranteed to be able to cast the cards in your hand. Mono-red EDH decks are rare, but this guy presents some great potential. He is going to be good friends with other big bad red EDH commanders too like Purpheros and Hearthless Hidetsugu.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded

The casting cost on this guy is massive but in EDH mana is less of an issue and iff you are playing ugly combos, he can fetch you exactly the cards you need to finish off your enemies. Don’t treat this guy lightly! Tutors are powerful in commander and this guy’s tutor ability can fill your hand with your win conditions. A fantastic card for mono-black. If he’s not your commander, he should still find a home in your deck.

The Locus God

The Locus God presents fantastic opportunities for Commander. As a Legendary creature, he’s a good candidate to lead you troops and his effect of creating swarms of haste flyers has tons of potential. Blue has access to many big draw spells so there are plenty of ways you can abuse this. As an added bonus, his on death effect keeps him in your hand and prevents you from having to pay increased mana costs each time he dies.

The Scarab God

Like The Locus God, the Scarab God makes for interesting commander potential. Playing this guy in Zombie Tribal is a no-brainer and the built in graveyard hate can help against reanimator decks. The fact taht each opponent loses life allows him to deal a lot of damage fast and the fact that he returns to your hand on death keeps his cost down.

The Scorpion God

The weakest of the three God in terms of commander potential, he does still give opportunity for card draw and -1/-1 counters can help get around otherwise indestrctible creatures. It also works well with Persist and like the other gods, killing him just brings him to your hand instead of placing him in the Command Zone and increasing his casting cost.

Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign

Can Tribal Sphinx be a thing? Possibly. Sphinxes can do a lot and reducing their casting cost is a big deal. He can also give you some decent card draw. The problem is he limits your deck to blue and there are many great Sphinxes that fall outside of mono-blue. He’s neat, but probably not powerful enough.


So will any (or all) of these new Legendary creatures make it into your Commander decks?

Greg Grondin
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