Countdown to Action Comics week 7

For last week’s episode:

This week, there isn’t as much of a theme between friend and foe. I do feel these characters offer a personal touch. These are not the cosmic world shattering characters that sometimes arrive.


Foes of Superman #4

The Parasite is a codename used by numerous villains dating back to 1966. It was in 1987 when Rudy Jones became the Parasite that the character truly came to life. With the ability to absorb energy, life force and a portion Kryptonian powers, The Parasite is always a dangerous foe in all incarnations.


Friends of Superman #4

Man has a best friend and Kryptonians have their best friends too. Krypto the Superdog was introduced in 1955 in a Superboy story. Krypto is usually seen as having the canine equivalent powers to mirror Kryptonian people. In some stories, Krypto leads the Legion of Super-Pets with Streaky, the Supercat, Comet, the Superhorse, Beppo the Supermonkey and Proty. What makes Krypto rank so high on the list is that when the chips are down, you can always count on your pet to be the friend you need.

Steve Henderson
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