Countdown to Action Comics 1000 part 8 and 9

Since I missed last week’s countdown due to moving, I will be including part 8 and 9 this week.

Foes of Superman #3

How does the being that killed Superman only make it to #3? Doomsday is a very important part of the Superman mythos which is why he makes it to my third spot. First appearing in 1992 and killing Superman at the end of his first storyline, this creature would become one of the most dangerous beings in the DC universe. Doomsday actually has an almost sympathetic backstory, being that it was originally a humanoid infant taken to an ancient Krypton by an alien scientist as an experiment in evolution. Then known as Ultimate, the scientist would release it into harsh environments where it would die and have the remains collected and cloned into a stronger version. Eventually it evolved to no longer need to be cloned and escaped Krypton to become the ultimate killing machine with a genetically bred hatred of all life.

Foes of Superman #2

Brainiac always appears as an alien from the planet Colu. Typically he has been depicted as an android or cyborg, but in every incarnation a great foe for Superman. Often he has used his great intellect and alien technology to shrink and collect cities from many worlds, most notably Kandor of Krypton. This inadvertently allowed many other Kryptonians to survive the destruction of the planet and gave Superman hope that one day he would reintegrate Kandor to renew Kryptonian civilization. Some descendants like Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes have even become allies. Through many incarnations, upgrades and evolutions Brainiac always makes for an interesting and dangerous adversary.

Friends of Superman #3

Ma and Pa Kent are the reason Superman has the human values that help him see the best in others. It is through these characters that we see many human and emotional stories. Jonathan and Martha first appeared in an origin story for Superman in 1939, though early stories vary the names and the names are not permanently established until 1951. In some stories the parents are dead before Clark’s adulthood and adoption of the Superman identity, especially those of the silver age, but always they are the backbone of the moral compass that helps Superman be the hero he is.

Friends of Superman #2

For me, it was not tough to decide that such a new character would make it near the top of my list. The newest Superboy, Jonathan Kent was introduced in 2015. Such a new character makes my list because as a father the stories between Clark and Jonathan have really spoken to me over the past couple years. Jonathan was able to be conceived during Convergence when Brainiac had taken pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois outside of space in a pocket dimension where their physiologies were compatible. Jonathan has become the Superboy for a new generation!

Steve Henderson
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