Countdown to Action Comics 1000 part 4

This week we acknowledge Kryptonite. Everyone knows that Kryptonite is Superman’s primary weakness. Through the years, there have been many uses for Kryptonite. It is not just the green which weakens Kryptonians, but several other colors which have a variety of effects. To learn more, check out this video:


Foes of Superman #7

Metallo is one of the reasons I mention Kryptonite in the start of this week’s article. John Corbin, first appearing in 1959 was a criminal who had an accident destroying his body. A scientist was able to transfer his mind into a robotic body, which would be powered by Kryptonite. This of course would lead to be a recurring thorn in Superman’s side.

Friends of Superman #7

Supergirl, aka Kara Zor-EL and sometimes using the alias Linda Danvers is Superman’s cousin from Krypton. She also first appeared in 1959. She has always been one of Superman’s closest confidants and as a fellow Kryptonian, she shares the same powers and weaknesses. With all the talk of Kryptonite, there was that time Kara experimented on Kryptonite and accidentally gave her pet cat Streaky superpowers.

Steve Henderson
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