Countdown to Action Comics 1000 part 3

Before continuing to part 3 of my countdown to Action Comics, you can find Part 2 here:

What makes Superman an everyman hero, is not his powers and abilities. What builds his character is Clark Kent. One of the most important things that builds the character of Clark Kent is the Daily Planet. The friend’s Clark has here help show person behind the cape. While many of the characters on the Planet staff will not make the countdown, the likes of Jose Delgado, Steve Lombard and Cat Grant give us insight into Clark Kent.

Friends of Superman #8

Perry White

Perry White first appeared when the Superman comics in 1940 when the Daily Planet was introduced as a replacement for the Daily Star, the original newspaper where Clark Kent acted as a reporter. Perry often acted as a father-figure to Clark Kent, while remaining the firm boss. Through just about every incarnation of Superman, from comics to TV to movies to radio and other elseworlds comics, Perry is always there for Clark when he needs advice.

Foes of Superman #8

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Try to say that name! Maybe this will help: Mr. Mxyptlk first appeared in Superman #30 in 1944. As a being from the 5th dimension, he has tremendous magical powers. Most often portrayed as a trickster, he taunts Superman and puts him through challenges that are sometimes cruel, but most often just for his own amusement. In order to beat Mxy, Superman needs to trick him into saying his name backwards.

Steve Henderson
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