Countdown to Action Comics 1000 part 2

Last week, I began my countdown to Action Comics 1000. You can find part 1 here:

This week, I will continue my countdown of my top 10 friends of Superman and his top 10 foes, but first, a little about how we got here.  While he was not the first costumed hero, Superman was the model from which countless more heroes would come to be based. Many people consider Action Comics #1 to be the kick-off point for the golden age.  

The amount of inspiration provided by Superman is felt in media all over the place, from music, movies, TV and even common everyday expressions. The art and plot of Seigel and Shuster’s first Superman story, seems so plain by our modern standards, but without this we would like not have so much of our modern entertainment.

Onto the countdown:

Friends of Superman #9

Legion of Superheroes

The Legion of Superheroes is a team of teenage heroes from the 30th/31st century. They were first introduced in a Superboy story in 1958. As a group of time travellers they were able to appear many times, usually during Superman’s youth in Superboy stories. This team underwent many incarnations in its own right, but a theme always remained in that they stayed true to the example set forth by Superman of the 20th/21st century, showing even 1000 years from now the world will need great examples of hope.

Foes of Superman #9

Cyborg Superman

Hank Henshaw, introduced in 1990 was a NASA astronaut whose crew became mutated during a mission which a solar flare caused by a battle between Superman and another villain, the Eradicator. After Henshaw’s crew commits suicide and his own body melts away from the radiation, he is able to transfer his consciousness into the Kryptonian birthing matrix that brought Superman to earth. After this he makes an attempt to replace Superman just after the Death of Superman storyline. As Cyborg-Superman, Hank Henshaw becomes one of the deadliest villains that Superman and other heroes face off against.

Steve Henderson
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