Countdown to Action Comics 1000 part 10!!!

Today marks the end of my countdown of the top 10 foes and friends of Superman. Action Comics 1000 will be available Wednesday April 18, 2018 with 10 different covers. Considered the title to kick off the Golden Age of Comics in 1938, now 80 years later and 1000 issues in this becomes the biggest milestone in North American comics.


Foes of Superman #1

Aside from perhaps the Joker to Batman, there is no other adversary more closely associated with any hero than Lex Luthor to Superman. Like many great villains, Lex does not see himself as such. Lex was first introduced in 1940. Sometimes portrayed as a mad scientist and often as a philanthropist, he uses his intellect and resources to be a foil to Superman’s alien heroics. The world doesn’t always see Luthor as a villain as evidenced in the early 2000s when he was elected president of the United States, even having Clark’s childhood friend Pete Ross as his Vice President. Most recently, Lex has even converted his battle armor and incorporated the “S” shield in an attempt to replace Superman.

Friends of Superman #1

While Clark’s parents and son show his love for family and the importance of that, it is through his relationship with Lois Lane that we see how Clark views the world and its people more than any other. Lois first appeared alongside Superman in Action Comics #1 in 1938. Some people consider Lois to be one of the most important female role models in pop culture as she is her own hero in many cases. Superman has had many loves in his life from Lana Lang to Lori Lemaris to Wonder Woman, but there has been no other love that has shown Clark’s love for Humanity the way Lois has. During the rebirth era, these stories have become even more personal with the family dynamic between Clark, Lois and Jonathan.

Steve Henderson
Steve has been selling comics and games for over 20 years and is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon.