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Last night was Heroes’ Beacon’s first Cosplay Night where a group of people – both new and veteran cosplayers, got together to chat about, you guessed it, cosplay. We had a very broad conversation last night including what projects we have done in the past, what we want to do in the future, what skills we want to learn, what topics we might like to talk about in the future. The atmosphere was very encouraging and positive. We had a good group, and I look forward to meeting more new people through Cosplay Night! Hope to see you come out!

Our next meeting is December 9th and we’re going to look at pattern making and reading. I can’t wait!

My Story… sort of

I won’t lie. I still don’t have a great understanding of what cosplay is, but I want to find out, so this is sort of the beginning of my cosplay journey. I’ve had extended discussions with people over my lack of understanding in the past because I struggle with the idea of trying to do justice to another artist’s work, of trying to emulate a character that has a history and a following and communicating that struggle is challenging for me as well. I have been part of a live action roleplaying group (LARP) for ten years and I’ve put together costumes in that regard, but I have not tried to create a costume based on another person’s creation. I did learn last night that there is a fine, almost non-existent line between cosplay and LARP.

People have told me lots of reasons why they cosplay- it’s social, it’s creative, it’s a chance to share the love of fandom with others, it garners attention, it’s an excuse to pose with friends for pictures- there are as many reasons to cosplay as there are cosplayers and every reason to cosplay is 100% valid.

Why do I want to cosplay? For the art, I think. I started following Yaya Han last year and she is an incredible artist. She has worked hard at her craft and it’s paid off. I am not interested in the career she has made at it, but would I love to feel comfortable in front of a camera? Sure, since right now even getting candid shots of me is like nailing Jell-o to a tree- I am hyper aware when I am at a function where people will be taking pictures. Would I like to develop some other skills- sewing, working with other materials, prop building? Absolutely.

luluThis is my absolute favorite cosplay Yaya Han has ever done! The belts… *swoon*

I really got the cosplay bug when I went to Fan Expo this year with Steve. We met Yaya Han- who is amazing! I can’t sing her praises high enough. But we also got to see some fantastic costumes and meet some really awesome people who were showcasing their talent and love for shows, videgames, mashups- all sorts of fandoms were represented and it was just awesome, for lack of a better word. Because I was awed. The passion they displayed in their costumes and efforts were mind blowing.

My dream is to do a Freddy Krueger cosplay. He’s my favorite nightmare and a friend of mine sent me a tutorial to do his burns without latex, so it will give me a reason to buy his glove (or get really involved and make one- but I suspect I will buy one) and learn some new makeup skills.

My goal is to have a Spike the Dragon cosplay done for March… it will be my first and will require me to learn to make a corset because I have decided I don’t want to make a dragon hoodie. I would like to clarify though, that Spike is the only character from My Little Pony I have any care for anymore… probably because he was introduced as a psuedo villain in the 80’s… Wish me luck…

What cosplay projects do you have on the go or are gearing up to do?


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