Cosplay Curious: Planning a Cosplay

Updates on my end

Not gonna lie- I’m excited to do this! I have bought all the fabric I need for Jem (unless I decide I feel the need to make her tights rather than buy them- but if I can buy them I absolutely will!). I also need to get earrings and probably some glitter glue or something to make the fabric shiny, and shoes… seems like buying stuff is half the battle!

The other half is convincing myself to dig out my sewing machine. Feels more daunting than it should really… I love sewing, but once I’ve been out of it for a while, it’s a chore to get moving again. I also do not have a dedicated sewing space at home so it’s a bit of a thing to get set up and tear down again.

Updates from Cosplay Night

There are a couple of us who have begun our cosplays! Captain America’s scalemail is well underway; fabric has been bought for a NoFlutter Belle; Agent Carter’s pattern has been bought and a makeup test for another character whose name I cannot remember from Steven Universe – Amethyst maybe? has been done and turned out awesome! So, props to you guys! I’m excited to see the finished product!!!

Planning a Cosplay

Anyway, we’re talking about planning a cosplay and that seems like the smart way to go, I think. It will help with budgeting, making sure I don’t miss any pieces… it’s an organizational thing and something I am really awful at. Baby steps! Right?

I found a ton of great resources to help!

Resources I wanted to share:

This one is my favorite: Cosplay Tutorial is just a wealth of information! Really enjoyable and easy to follow! I think it really breaks down the steps in the planning process and uses Naruto as an example piece.

Seams Geeky, if nothing else, has a great sheet you can download for FREE to help plan out your cosplay! What a great thing to have! I like the method from Cosplay Tutorial personally- marking up pictures is fun, however, this will really help out when breaking down the costs for everything.

Animeton has a great article on Wearing Your Cosplay and while that may not fall directly in line with planning cosplays in terms of building, knowing what you need to wear it could be equally important. Examples include… shapewear, underthings, making sure shoes are comfy sturdy.

In this, they mention an Emergency Sewing Kit– which is handy to have since Murphy’s Law says if you don’t, a seam will split, right? This is what we came up with that we think should be in this kit- though really it was mostly one person who has much experience in sewing.

Sewing Needles- more than one in case they break
White thread, Black thread and the base color of your costume colored thread
Alternatively, take bobbins rather than full spools of thread
Safety pins in varying sizes
Snaps, hooks & eyes, buttons (if your costume requires any of these)

Oh! Oh! Oh! I found the best app today!!! I’m sure I’m late to the party, but CosPlanner! It’s available for Android and iOS! It’s amazing! I downloaded it today and put in my plans for Jem and other cosplays! I love it! It let me make a list of all the things I need, whether I was going to buy or make them, where I expected to wear them and percentage complete! It’s a pretty sweet app! Highly recommended!




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