Collecting Comics

Often at Heroes’ Beacon, we are approached by folks looking to sell their old comics. Sometimes this is very exciting for us to dig through looking for treasure. There are many surprises to be found, both positive and negative. Sometimes you think you have a book worth $100, but the creases in the cover or clipped coupons bring that value way down. It can be a little sad, but heavy collectors want the most pristine copies and that can control the price. On the flip side, you have no idea what you have and learn that you have a seemingly unimportant issue that is worth $50.

While it is interesting finding out what your old stuff is worth, the fun in collecting is the thrill of the hunt. The most important thing to remember is that what you buy now may never gain value and you should collect what you are interested in. Whether you want to collect Superman, comics based on 1980s cartoons, things by a certain creator, or anything else, remember it is about what you enjoy, not what will gain value. This doesn’t mean your collection will never gain value, it very well might. You can start your collection anywhere.


Remember always, each item someone is collecting is only worth what someone is willing to pay. If you think it is worth more than you are being offered, you can always hang on and look for a better offer. If you think someone is overcharging, you can always keep looking for that item you need for your collection.


Want to know what your collection is worth? You can purchase an Overstreet Price Guide, released every July or check sites like Comic Book Realm.

Remember when checking prices that the grade of the book matters and you can learn how to grade your comics in books like the Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics or find some web tutorials like this one.


If you have really good items, you can always look into having them professionally graded. This can raise the value and desire for some higher end books. The most commonly used company CGC has become the industry standard.


Keep checking back at the store, we have been receiving interesting things.

Steve Henderson
Steve has been selling comics and games for over 20 years and is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon.