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Battle for Zendikar Event Deck Review

The Battle for Zendikar Event Deck – called Ultimate Sacrifice – dropped with the release of the new set with the intention of giving players interested in standard a possible starting point to work from.  In the past, the event decks have typically been decent.  Not always top tier and not always full of value, […]

Battle for Zendikar Prerelease

Join us September 26 – 27 for the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease! Friday Sept 26 – 12:01am, 9am, 3pm Saturday Sept 27 – 9am, 3pm (Two Headed Giant) Cost: $35 (Play more than 1 event to receive a $5 discount on each additional event) For the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease, each player will receive a […]

Magic Origins — An experience I didn’t expect but should have….

Magic Origins — An experience I didn’t expect but should have…. By Brian Smart Anyone who knows me knows that I have an addiction to Magic, and that when the new set is released, I would normally run the gauntlet at Heroes’ Beacon. While I didn’t get the chance to participate in the events on […]

Magic News – Keywords and Origins

With Modern Masters 2015 now released, we’re starting to see more and more news about Magic 2015 Origins and some new cards have been teased. Yesterday Wizards of the Coast posted an article discussing keywords — specifically keywords that they considered ‘evergreen’ and would appear in every set.  The summary is that the landwalk, protection […]

Magic Origins

Prerelease Events: July 11–12, 2015 Release Date: July 17, 2015 Game Day:August 8–9, 2015   What Is Magic Origins? Magic Origins is a set that explores what it means to start out on a magical journey, and how we change as we progress through our lives. It focuses on five of Magic’s most prominent characters, […]

Commanding Dragons

Commanders of Dragons of Tarkir Commander is one of my favorite formats of Magic.  It’s casual, friendly and it allows you to use cards in your collection you might never use otherwise.  The best part of each new set launch for me is finding new cards for commander and specifically new Legendary Creatures that can […]

Fated Commanders

With the full list new cards from the Fate Reforge set being released, it’s a good time to start looking through the set to see what cards might become EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander / Commander) staples.  There are already websites reviewing the cards for limited and sealed play and likely some for Standard as well […]

Commanders of Commander 2014

The full decklists for Commander 2014 are now available for viewing from the Magic the Gathering website and each of the decks looks like a lot of fun.  As with previous decks, the Commander 2014 decks have a number of different commander options to work with, with the default commanders being the new Planeswalkers. Once […]

Why Multiplayer Commander is My Favorite Magic Format

I stopped playing Magic the Gathering about a decade ago but returned with the recent release of Theros.  It’s been amazing seeing how the game has grown and changed over the last decade.  There are new rules, mechanics and game formats.  There’s something for everyone. In the last year though, my own favorite format has […]

Magic the Gathering: Updates from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is always a great time for fans to of all things geek to get updates on their favorite heroes, shows and games.  For those who love their cardboard addiction, the Magic the Gathering panel did gave us a ton of new and exciting updates! From the Vault: Annihilation (Aug 2014) This […]

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