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Gameday Unleashes the Horde!

Gameday is coming! Unleash the Horde! Saturday, March 1st is Gameday.  For fans of Magic the Gathering, it’s an event you shouldn’t miss! Starting at 9AM, Gameday features both a Standard tournament and the Face the Horde event deck. The Standard Tournament requires a $5 entry fee and players will compete for the Champion playmat […]

Born of the Gods Arrives!

It’s almost here —  the next expansion to Magic the Gathering and the second expansion set in the Theros block titled “Born of the Gods”.  I came back to the game just before the Theros prerelease and I’m getting excited for more. The fun will kick off this weekend with the Born of the Gods […]

IWK Extra Life!

Need an extra life? We are now selling 1 ups! Each cost $1 and will be displayed in store until November 2nd when we have our 25 Hour Gaming Event! All proceeds are going to support the IWK Extra Life fundraiser. If you want to join us for the event check it out on Facebook. […]

Timeline for Heroes’ Beacon opening.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about when Read’s closes and Heroes’ Beacon opens so I wanted to take a moment and try to clear that up. Read’s will continue to operate as normal until Friday, September 27th at 9pm.  That means the usual weekly events like D&D Encounters, FNM (Theroes release on the […]

Perks for Pick up!

The D6, T-shirt, and Tote bag perks are all in now!  People can begin picking them up at Impossible Realities this weekend at our vendor table on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  After that they will be available in store starting Sunday.  Extras will be for sale at Impossible Realities and then in store after […]

Impossible Realities and the fast approach launch of Heroes’ Beacon!

It has been a few weeks so I thought I should bring you the latest news from Heroes Beacon. First up, our Paragon sponsor Impossible Realities is having their big annual convention September 13th – 15th.  It is a full weekend of great gaming.  If you enjoy D&D, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Battletech, Infinity, […]

What’s happening?

As most of you may have noticed it is August and we have not made the big switch over yet. We get asked all the time when it is going to happen so I thought I’d talk a bit about it here. The process of starting a new business is one which we have never […]

Indiegogo Perks

Just want to give a quick update on the Indiegogo Perks. T-shirt design is with the printers and awaiting final approval. Dice design is with Chessex, they are making some minor changes to our text to ensure it is readable. We should have a sample next week. Tote bags are being ordered today! If all […]

Preview of the Swag!

For anyone who was wondering what the T-shirt and Tote bag might look like we have a treat for you!  (Click the images for a full size view.)


Tomorrow we will launch our Indiegogo campaign. If you have not already seen the teasers for the various perks, head on over to, to check them out. I’ve had a few people ask me why we are doing an Indiegogo campaign and what the money we raise will be for. The information on the […]

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