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This Week at Heroes’ Beacon (July 30-August 5)

Sunday July 30 Opening Gaming! We have open seats available! Bring your own games or grab one off our demo shelf! Monday July 31 Modern Monday Bring your modern decks and play a swiss tournament. Entry fees go towards prizes.       Tuesday August 1 X-Wing Miniatures Casual Game Night Learning or an experienced […]

MtG: The Hour of Devastation is Upon Us!

We also want to encourage people to play in more events so we are offering additional prize draws. The more events you play in the better the chance you have to win and the larger prizes you are eligable to win! Play in any of the following events: Prerelease July 8 – 9 FNM July […]

Are you celebrating Captain Picard Day?

Captain Picard Day is celebrated on June 16th because of its proximity to stardate 47457.1. Riker Day never took off it seems.       I am more a Star Wars fan than Star Trek, but I have always enjoyed Captain Picard and the actor, Patrick Stewart. I also prefer Deep Space Nine (Dax, anyone?) […]

Roleplaying Games

Let’s talk about games, more specifically, Roleplaying Games. What is a roleplaying game? In its simplest explanation, it is a chance to play pretend. When you get deeper into the hobby though, it is a time to let your imagination take over and develop a story together with your friends. This has been a favourite […]

Free Comic Book Day

It’s almost that time of year again!  Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday May 6th.  Now you might be asking yourself “What is Free Comic Book Day?”  if so, it is a single day that has taken place every year (typically the first Saturday in May) since 2002 that celebrates independent specialty comic shops […]

Geek New Year (AKA Free Comic Book Day)

If you get our newsletter (and I would totally recommend that you do!), you’ve read me gushing over Free Comic Book Day already in the past (and I wouldn’t doubt there could be some follow ups once we’re past it). Don’t get me wrong, we have a ton of fun with you guys the day […]

Board Game Blitz

Board Games have become one of the hottest hobbies in recent years. With so many new games coming all the time, the question becomes which games are right for you. There are a number of ways to learn about games. You could check video reviewers on YouTube or other websites. You could read reviews, like […]

Surviving a Convention (with children)

Convention season is upon us! A couple years ago I attended my first ever BIG convention. It was Fan Expo’s 20th anniversary with the equivalent of a city in attendance. I believe it was something like 125,000 people over 4 days. It was amazing and insane. We spent a lot of time in Artist’s Alley […]

Free Comic Book Day!

May 7th is the 15th Free Comic Book Day!  The 1st Saturday in May is like Geek New Year for comic fans.  It gives you a chance to  pick up a selection of free comics as well as get in on great discounts, prize draws, cake, face painting and all sorts of fun! Check out […]

Pokemon XY Fates Collide Prerelease

April 23rd, 11am. Cost: TBD Players will each get a Deck containing: 22 card evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets 4 XY—Fates Collide Booster Packs 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards 1 Deck building tip sheet Players will compete in a Swiss Pairing tournament. Prizes based on attendance.

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