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National Novel Writing Month

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  If you’re not familiar with National Novel Writing Month (or Nano, Nanowrimo- take your pick), it is an event that runs every November. The goal is to write 50,000 in 30 days, or 1337 words per day. It’s a HUGE undertaking and I cannot count myself among the winners (yet). My best was 30,000 […]

Ixalan Release Draft

Hey folks! So, Ixalan has been pretty exciting! The energy at the prereleases last weekend was so great! I even got talked into playing my first prerelease since Khans! I did not enjoy the 3 color decks in the Khans block, which is ironic because I ended up playing a red, white and green deck […]

Let’s talk about the kids…

I watched an interview recently with a young lady who talked candidly about her experience in human trafficking. It was heartbreaking. I have my own (not so baby) baby at home. I hold him tighter when I go out after watching these interviews and documentaries. I talk about this right now because Kevin Smith was […]

Tara’s Top 5 Comics

Top 5 Favorite Comics I have discovered in recent years that I have a different taste in comics than Steve and Chris (shocking, right?). I gave superheroes a decent go. I read a lot of N52 and Rebirth and there were a few storylines that I picked up and read and enjoyed outside of those that I […]

Cosplay Masquerade and You

So, I recently revisited some old cosplay posts– updating the image and text a bit, and maybe you guys are tired of hearing me talk about cosplay and Sailor Moon– but maybe not. I wanted to talk about Cosplay because Fundy Fan Fest is coming up and we are hosting a Cosplay Masquerade! I think […]

Cosplay Curious: Pokemon Trainers in Training

If you’ve been following along (or if you haven’t- welcome aboard!) I got Cosplay Curious after attending Fan Expo in 2014. I have completed exactly zero cosplays- til now. But I follow more than a few cosplayers and adore the work that people do. Really mind blowing stuff. What is a Pokemon Trainer? From the Pokemon […]

Top 5 Cosplayers I follow

In 2014 I got the cosplay bug… I even almost finished one! Turns out I made the dress front backwards, which was minor really and I never got the wig or shoes finished, but it was pretty fun nevertheless. I’d like to finish that one, but I’d pretty much have to start from scratch now. […]

Happy Birthday, Sailor Moon!

March 7th, 2017 marked 25 years since Sailor Moon first aired in Japan. I’m a “born again” Moonie, meaning I adore Sailor Moon and I have for about 20 years (that just made me feel ancient), however, I did go through a phase where I thought I was “too old” for it. It’s a shame […]

Surviving a Convention (with children)

Convention season is upon us! A couple years ago I attended my first ever BIG convention. It was Fan Expo’s 20th anniversary with the equivalent of a city in attendance. I believe it was something like 125,000 people over 4 days. It was amazing and insane. We spent a lot of time in Artist’s Alley […]

Let’s talk about Riverdale. Fair warning *SPOILERS*

But before we get to that, I just want to be clear that I was an Archie fan growing up. I was on Team Betty. I begged my mother every time we set foot in a grocery store for another Archie book. We had a pretty healthy and well-loved stack of them at home. So, […]

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